How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (2023)

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"GTA Online" helped get me through a hard part of my life. When you spend THAT much time with a game, you can't help but write about it.

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Making Money the Easy and Fair Way

Making money in GTA Online requires a little effort, just like in real life. Some players want to glitch, exploit, and play the mission Rooftop Rumble to death. It’s not that hard to make $100,000 in a day. Every time I hear a 12-year-old say they want to glitch money, it’s a bit of a downer. For that matter, they shouldn’t be playing this game to begin with . . . but, eh, I digress.

Finally getting tired of these issues, Rockstar released patch 1.16 which adjusted the mission payouts (again). Now, payments are given out based on how long it took to complete, how many people you played with, and the difficulty setting still counts. Thanks to this update players are less likely to want to glitch (hopefully) and more likely to play missions other than Rooftop Rumble.

The following includes some tips and tricks, so read this before you decide to give up and buy a Shark Card.

Complete Your Daily Objectives

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Note: This article will be updated over time with any new features with money-making possibilities. Updates are added in chronological order. If you're looking for information on the latest update, please select the "find text" feature, in your chosen browser, and type in the name of the update you are looking for.

How to fix "Saving Failed: unable to connect to the Rockstar game services"

Sell a Car

This is one of the quickest ways to make money. Just steal a car, take it to any of the spray can icons on the map, and select “Sell” from the list. It’s a good idea to have a timer of some sort with you. Set the timer for 48 minutes, that’s the length of an in-game day. You can only sell a car once every 48 minutes.

Not all vehicles sell for the same amount of money. If you sell something common you won’t get more than $1,500 to $2,500 out of it. If you steal an SUV, you can get anywhere between $5,000 and $9,000 depending on which one it is. Mammoth Patriots (the one that looks like a Hummer) sell for $5,000, while Gallivanter Ballers (the ones that look like Land Rovers) sell for $9,000. Then there are Coups and certain Sedans that sell between $6,500 and $9,500.

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Just a few vehicles that you should look out for. If you're not sure what you are driving, press down on the D-pad and the name will be on the lower right-hand corner.


Dundreary Landstalker


Benefactor Schafter and Ubermacht Zion Cabrio


Benefactor Dubsta and Albany Cavalcade


Ubermacht Oracle and Ocelot F620


Obey Rocoto


Lampadati Felon and Gallivanter Baller


Lampadati Felon GT


If you’re at a loss on just what sells well, and what doesn’t, go to the in-game internet, go to the site “San Andreas Southern Autos” and check the prices of whatever vehicle you just stole. Not all cars are on that website, but you can use it as a guide to see which ones to not waste your time with. The garages will offer 10% of the vehicles asking price.

If you’re looking for a particular car, I recommend driving around Vinewood Hills while in Los Santos or the bend in the freeway near Beeker’s Garage (spray can icon) in Palleto Bay. Both of these areas have a chance to spawn an expensive vehicle. Also, if you see a Sports or Supercar driving around don’t bother with it unless you want to just joyride in it. The game won’t let you sell NPC Sports or Supercars, or put them in your Personal Garage. If it’s sold on the Legendary Motorsport website, you can’t do anything monetary with it.

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Unique Sentinel XS Method

Selling Gang Cars

In addition to standard vehicles, there are gang-affiliated vehicles that spawn in certain places at a certain time of the day.

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What the Unaffiliated gang car looks like. This is a Tornado. The Peyote comes in red and the Buccaneer in a matte green.

1 / 11

There are several types of gang cars that have different values.

Gang CarWorth



Hardtop Tornado




Convertible Tornado




As you can see from the list above, some of these cars can be skipped entirely, since you will get more money from selling a Gallivanter Baller or Ubermacht Oracle than you could get from a Hard Top Tornado or Manana. So go ahead and be picky. The reason these vehicles have extra value is that they have more modifications than their normal versions. If you want to keep one in your Personal Garage you can. I recommend the Peyote since driving it you will have a greater chance of making one spawn, thus making more money.

The Vagos (yellow) and Families (green) gang cars spawn the most. Be ready with Snacks open in your Inventory because Vagos gang members will shoot you once you get behind the wheel of one of their cars. A full bar of Armor is also a good idea. Families gang members usually don't shoot at you once you steal their car unless one of their crew members is the one driving. The Ballas (purple) car is parked in the Grove Street coda-sack. If you don’t want to kick the hornet’s nest by jumping right into the car; you can follow the gang member, who gets in to drive it, out of the area before stealing it.

You can store as many gang cars as you want to then sell later. The best time to go hunting for them is between 18:00 and 06:30. Gang cars do appear outside of these times, but only the Vagos and Unaffiliated ones seem to appear in broad daylight from my experience.

Delivering Cars to Simeon

Once a day (meaning every 24 real-time hours), Simeon will send you a text message on the in-game phone with a list of cars. There are five or six different lists, and some of the cars have more value than others. The Ocelot F620, Ocelot Jackal, Mammoth Patriot, Landstalker, etc. are the ones you want to shoot for. Any car that has a high value normally will sell for a bit more if it’s delivered to Simeon’s warehouse in good condition.

Once you have found a Simeon Vehicle you get an automatic two-star Wanted Level. Take it to any of the Los Santos Customs (LSC) in the city, and once there, Repair any damage that occurred and select any of the $700 paint jobs under Respray>Classic. Press and hold the Back/Select button and select Simeon, under Quick GPS, to place a waypoint on the warehouse. You can cut across the freeway, and through the container yard, to save time when you get to the docks.

The money he gives you depends on what kind of vehicle you delivered and how much damage there is. Once I delivered a Mammoth Patriot that was slightly damaged and it paid out $11,000. On another occasion, I delivered an Ocelot F620 in perfect condition and got $15,000. Those are the best two examples but there are other vehicles that sell for a decent amount.

(Note: This is similar but not related to the Exotic Exports list board added with the Los Santos Tuners update's Auto Shop.)


Bounties are requested by an NPC (non-player character) for stealing a vehicle or attacking too many Gang Attacks of a certain faction. They can also be put on you by another player. The Bounty can be anywhere from $1,000–$9,000, and by calling Lester you can set Bounties with the same amounts. Except add $1,000 to the value for the service. For example, if you want to set a $6,000 bounty it will cost you $7,000.

Random NPC Bounties are based on the value of the vehicle you have just stolen, but that value is random. I once stole an Ubermach Oracle (which is worth $8,000) and only received a $2,000 Bounty from its pissed-off owner. Speaking of Bounties, if you are the frugal type, don’t set a Bounty on anyone for more than $3,000. If you don’t care about the money, set one higher.

If you can survive in Free Roam for 48 minutes, the Bounty is yours. You can really have fun with that or you could let someone kill you. If the Bounty is $6,000 or higher there is a trick to getting it easy if you don’t mind waiting. Pause the game and go to Online>Play GTA Online>Invite Only Session. It will be a lonely 48 minutes, but you can keep yourself occupied. Do some Gang Attacks, grind VIP/CEO Work (more on those in a minute), skydive, do time trials around the San Andreas freeway system and see how fast you can go? Hell, if you’re a multitasker, you can come up with something while you wait, just jiggle the Left Stick every 10 minutes so the game doesn’t kick you for being idle. Also, don’t wait in your character’s garage or apartment, it won’t work that way. There is a limit to how much money you can share with other players per day, but if you kill someone with a Bounty, give them at least 20%. It’s just a nice thing to do.

(Note: If you don't feel like doing productive stuff in real life, you can now access everything in Invite Only as of the Criminal Enterprises update. More on that below!)

  • Improving Grand Theft Auto Online
    Rockstar games has made a lot of progress through multiple updates and free DLC. The game, as of August 26th, is back on track but there is still room for improvement.

Gang Attacks

There are 50 locations around San Andreas that you can come across as you drive around. Some are right out in the open as you go about your usual routes, and there are others you have to go a little out of your way to find. Some gang locations are only active at a specific time of day. Some only have 15 gang members to defeat while others have 30. Also, depending on what Rank you are they will be well-armed, the faction you fight also factors into what weapons they use. The Lost MC, Hillbillies, Merryweather, Vagos, etc. all come with different challenges. Once all of the gang members have been dispatched you can collect up to $2,000 (at certain locations) from the supply crates.

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Daily Objectives

Patch 1.21/1.07 added a new opportunity to make $25,000 and 3,000 RP every 24 hours. That has been increased to $30,000 with the Diamond Resort and Casino update. Besides netting you extra money (that is deposited directly into the bank account) it also gives you a chance to partake in activities usually neglected. Each day you get three Daily Objectives. The first one is a game a mode that everyone receives, the other two are randomized from player to player. Those two objectives can be anything from something as mundane as “Go to the Movies” to something relating to one of your businesses or organizations.

Note: Below is a list of the confusing Daily Objectives BEFORE the Casino update. I'm still in the process of investigating these since, at the time of writing this, the DLC is only a couple days old. This list will be updated over time. I also deleted all PVP related objectives from the list since Rockstar has removed those (according to the patch notes).

  • Parachute Dangerously: Jump out of an aircraft and hit A/X just before you hit the ground. You can do this over water and it still counts.
  • Go for a Round at the Shooting Range: This can be done solo or with another player. Set number of Rounds to 1. A “Round” at the Shooting Range consists of whoever wins two-out-of-three times. So if you’re playing solo you just have to play the same course twice to qualify.
  • Do a wheelie for 10 seconds: Best lace to do this is the Airport in Los Santos or the Airfield in Sandy Shores. Not all sports bikes are capable of doing a wheelie for this length of time. The Bati 80/Bati 80RR and the Sanchez are good for this (there are others these are just from my experience). Begin from one of the runways and start your wheelie almost immediately. By the time you get near the other end (depending on speed) you should have this Objective complete. To perform a wheelie pull back on the Left Stick and go easy on the acceleration.
  • Bribe The Cops Then Cause Havoc: This Objective is actually a lot simpler than the vagueness it delivers. The best thing to do is buy a bunch of explosives (Sticky Bombs, Grenades, Proximity Mines, etc.) and go to the nearest freeway. Call Lester and select "Cops Turn A Blind Eye." Once the three-minute timer appears at the lower-right side of your screen, start blowing up cars. Don't bother shooting pedestrians, just blow up vehicles until you get the notification that the Objective is complete. Sometimes the amount of vehicles you need to explode varies. Just make sure you have plenty of ordinances.
  • Complete A Versus Mission: Selecting "Quick Job>Versus Mission" will more than likely send you to an "Adversary Mode." Don't get excited; they don't count as a "Versus Mission" after the Gunrunning update. Instead, select any "Versus Mission" that requires two players and hope someone joins.
  • Participate In A Vehicle Deathmatch: As of the Arena Wars update (patch 1.46) playing one of the Arena Wars game modes seems to count as a Vehicle Deathmatch.

If you complete your Daily Objectives for seven days in a row, you receive $150,000. If you do Daily Objectives for 28 days in a row you receive $750,000. You will also earn medals to coincide with this.

Daily Objectives After the Casino Update:

The Diamond Casino and Resort update Daily Objectives have been revamped. Now listed as just Objectives in the User Interface, every player gets the same "game mode" related objective. Which now will mercifully make it easier to complete it. With change usually comes confusion so I'll try to explain these new Objectives as I find them.

  • Go Scuba Diving: If you don't already own one, you'll need a Scuba Suit saved in your Outfits, under Style in the User Interface, to do this one. Just equip the outfit and jump in the water.
  • Resupply (Business): Buying Supplies for the listed Business counts toward this Objective. However, since not all Businesses are worth doing that for a Steal Supplies mission also counts.
  • Participate In Featured/Stunt/etc. Series: Just in case you're like me and try to unclutter the map by removing icons you might have hidden this one too. You can make it appear on the map again by going to your User Interface>Hide Options>Other and selecting Show for the listed Series. Featured Series will appear as a green icon with three figures. The Stunt Series is a dark pink target with a flag. Open your Map and hover over these icons to join it from anywhere in Free Roam.
  • Sell (Business): Sell a product from your or another's Business. Not all Product has to be sold for this to count. The amount of product doesn't matter either. I recommend selling the Nightclub version since you'll just have one vehicle.
  • Do Club Management: At first, I thought they were talking about the Motorcycle Club, but no, they mean to do a Promote Mission from the Nightclub's computer.
  • Rampage With The Stone Hatchet: First you need to complete the Treasure Hunt/Bounty Hunting missions associated with finding the Stone Hatchet. To get this Objective just do a kill with the Stone Hatchet to activate Rampage Mode. Once everything goes back to normal you will get this Objective.
  • Do A Mission For The Diamond Resort and Casino: This doesn't have to be one of the story missions, you can call Ms. Baker on the in-game cellphone and select "Request Work" to do a Casino Work Freeroam mission.

Note: If you don't own any CEO Warehouses, Biker Businesses, or any of the other properties, the game will not ask you to do certain Objectives. Otherwise, they are impossible. For example, if you don't have a Meth Lab, you will not get a "Sell Meth" or "Resupply Meth Lab" Objective. However, due to a glitch, the game will tell you to "party in Cayo Perico" even if you don't own a Kosatka submarine.

With the Criminal Enterprises update selling "excess goods" will count toward "Selling Cargo and Bunker Sales". You may also get a "Visit Record A Studios" objective. To complete this do the mission "Short Trip - Seed Capital" and you will have access to the studio. You can also be invited by another player BUT I think you need an Agency to even get THIS objective.

Ten Second Wheelie

Do Jobs, Missions, and Activities

Everything so far has described things to do in Free Roam. Another great way is to participate in Races, Deathmatches, Captures, Last Team Standing, and Parachuting. You can also do Missions which are less competitive unless you play a Versus Mission. The amount of money you make is based on how well you do against the other players. You won’t win every time so don’t get discouraged.

Co-op activities like Survival and Missions generate the largest sums of money (apart from Heists). Survival pays $30,000 if you beat all ten waves whereas Missions pay based on time, difficulty, and how many people you are playing with.

Participate in a Rally Race

  • A Quick Rally (user created race)
    I created a Rally Race, that comes with a simple message to a random player, just for this Objective. You can add it to your game here. I made it on the Xbox One version of the game, but I'm not sure if you can download it for other platforms.

Ask a Buddy

There are only a few ways you can give money to other players. You can't even share from your own bank account. I think we burned this bridge after the “Santa Money” fiasco in December of 2013. Rockstar gave us an inch and the hackers took a mile. There once was a time (briefly, back in October of 2013) where you could give a player $5,000 once a day. Not anymore. In fact, when you share money from different activities you can’t give more than 250% daily. What I mean is in the Share Money With Other Players screen, you can share 100% twice and no more than 50% after that.

If you want to give your friends money, set a Bounty on one of them, then have the other shoot them. Vice versa. Wait 48 minutes, then do it again. It takes time but it’s something at least. You can no longer grab a car off the street, modify it, then give it to a friend to sell or store in their garage. That was originally the best way to give people money. Once again, the “Santa Money” thing put an end to that.

Heist Update

With the Heist update, your friend can adjust the percentages of the final take. If you're really nice they might give you a bigger cut . . .

If your friend has an Organization, as either a VIP or CEO, being an Associate will net you an easy $30,000-$70,000 depending on the VIP/CEO Challenge and Work done. Vice versa you can purposefully Sell Cars/Collect Bounties/do Free Mode Events that 90% of which will go into the VIP/CEO's pocket. Quid-pro-quo is one of the foundations of friendship.

Participate in a Heist

After a very long wait, you can now perform Heists to get massive payouts. Unlike Survivals or Missions, the Set-ups and the Heists themselves require four players (except for the Flecca Job, Doomsday Heists, Diamond Casino Heist, or Cayo Perico Heist).

Whether you join a random group of players or do them with friends you will get paid for each of the Set-up Missions. There are also challenges that reward you with extra money. For example, completing a Heist for the first time gives you $100,000. Unless you’re hosting the Heists as a Leader, in which case you will have to fork over money to start them. Doing each heist with the same crew, in order, will get you $1,000,000. Other challenges, such as Criminal Mastermind, can pay up to $10,000,000 however requiring a very good crew of people you can trust.

In order to start the Doomsday Heists, you’ll need to buy a Facility from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Like usual, the price is based on location, but this time I would recommend somewhere in the middle of the map rather than the north. A lot of the Prep missions that take place in free roam appear to occur in Los Santos, BUT most of the heists are in Blaine County. If you have the money you can actually just buy your way past the Prep Missions, but that’s not always necessary.

Apart from the heists, there is really no other way to make money from having a Facility. They do give you more vehicle space and some more offensive options toward hostile players though.

To start a Casino Heist you will need to purchase an Arcade. I recommend buying one of the ones located within the city. Most of the Casino Heist Preps take place in Los Santos.

To start the Cayo Perico Heist you will need to purchase the Kosatka submarine from Warstock. This vehicle will be under the "Services" tab of the User Interface. Apart from being the base of operations for the heist it can also be used in Free Roam for awesome naval stuff, and fast travel around the map. Think of it as a Yacht with cruise missiles . . .

The 40/20/20/20 Split

As Heist Leader, you have to pay $25,000 to set up the Heist then after which you also don’t make money on the Set-up Missions as the other players do. Depending on the difficulty you have set your team will have more lives to work with, but will make less money. You do have control over the final payout percentages before you begin the actual Heist. I won’t debate over what you think is a fair cut but 40/20/20/20 is a reasonable divide, in my opinion, considering the work and Set-Up cost.

However, with The Doomsday Heists and Casino Heist, you could do an even 50/50 if you have a good partner. With The Cayo Perico Heist you can just go solo and keep 100%, however you won't be able to carry as much loot without a friend.

Final Heist Takes*

*Payments are based on Hard difficulty
**Amounts based on 20% to each player
***Varies depending on how much money is lost during the getaway.
Note: That these are the updated payout estimates after the "Criminal Enterprises" update.

HeistHeist Leader's CutPlayer's Cut**

The Flecca Job



Prison Break



Humane Labs Rain



Series-A Funding



The Pacific Standard Job



Heist Setup Mission Payouts*

*Amounts vary depending on how much damage is done to a mission-related vehicle. **Not exact estimate.
Note: These are the estimated payouts as of the "Criminal Enterprises" update.

HeistNormal DifficultyHard Difficulty

The Flecca Job



Prison Break



Humane Labs Raid



Series A Funding



The Pacific Standard Job



Doomsday Heist Setup Mission Payouts

Note: These are the updated payout estimates as of the "Criminal Enterprises" update.

Doomsday HeistNormal DifficultyHard Difficulty

Act 1: Data Breaches



Act 2: The Bogdan Problem



Act 3: The Doomsday Scenario



Final Casino Heist Takes

Like the Doomsday Heists there are a lot more mathematical algorithms that factor into the final percentages. I am still an advocate for even splits, but there are other things that can change that dollar amount. Like the heists in GTAV you will have the option to hire a Driver, Gunman, and Hacker. Who you choose not only determines how well the Casino Heist goes but will understandably require a bigger percentage for their work. Plus Lester will always take a 5% cut of that profit. You also have to deduct any bullet damage that occurs if/when everything goes south (similar to the Pacific Standard Heist). With all of that said here are the potential final takes for the Casino Heist.

Cash: $2,115,000

Artwork: $2,350,000

Gold: $2,585,000

Diamonds: $3,619,000

Don't get excited! Like I said these are the POTENTIAL takes. What you manage to spot while doing the "scoping out" mission determines what you will be stealing in the Casino vault. (Hint: Diamonds are super rare and are only event based.)

Final Cayo Perico Heist Takes

The Cayo Perico Heist has about as many variables as the Casino Heist, but most of the equations pertain to what loot you’re grabbing and how many people you have with you. For the first time ever you are able to do a Heist solo but that means less bag space. Some loot you NEED another player in order to grab (mostly the items at the mansion which require a two player keycard swipe).

The loot is separated into two categories; primary and secondary. The primary target you must grab and doesn’t use up any space. The secondary loot is what fills up the duffle bag.

Primary Targets: Tequila, Ruby Necklace, Files (default target the first time you play), Bearer Bonds, Pink Diamond, Golden Panther (worth $900,000-$1,900,000)

Secondary Targets: Cash, Weed, Artwork, Cocaine, and Gold (worth $90,000-$330,000 per stack)

Secondary Targets spotted outside of the compound can be looted solo. You can grab two stacks of Cocaine (for example) from one of the island’s warehouses which will net you an extra $440,000. Unlike the Casino Heist, Artwork is not that great of a target. El Rubio must have crappy taste . . . Keep in mind Gold uses up the most bag space (66% capacity), and can only be looted if you have an additional player along. After grabbing a stack of Gold you will only have enough bag space for a stack of Weed (second to least valuable but has a 33% capacity). This example of a full bag adds $446,000-$478,000 to the overall take. Note: You can collect an eclectic amount of loot, so if you fill up the duffle bag with one type you have a little bit of space for something else.

If you decide to tackle Cayo Perico solo you can stand to make $1,300,000-$1,700,000 estimated. Just keep in mind loot amounts fluctuate, if you get shot you lose money, and purchasing Support Team members eats into final profit.

Strategies for Playing Heists

  • How to Complete Heists in "GTA Online"
  • How to Complete Doomsday Heists in "GTA Online"
  • How to Complete the Diamond Casino Heists in "GTA Online"

Take Part in a Free Mode Event

This update has added several new pastimes to Free Mode, all of which a grand way to . . . make a few grand. Win or lose participation earns you various amounts of money depending on the game mode (between $10,000 and $25,000 rough estimate).

  • Checkpoint Challenge: Similar to G Rating (hot or cold) but in Free Roam, you must collect the most checkpoints to win. If you get blown up or crash you will typically get spawned by a parked aircraft to continue. That’s really nice of them . . .
  • Criminal Damage: It's like a competitive version of Saints Row’s Mayhem activity. Yeah, that’s right! I made a reference to a GTA clone. Anyway, players get 10 minutes to blow up whatever they can around them, and cause damage in the process, to rack up the biggest amount of property damage.
  • Hold The Wheel/Hot Property: These are two different game modes but I am combining them because of their similarities. Be the first to grab the marked Vehicle/Briefcase and hold it longer than any other player. The longer you hold onto it (before you get gunned several times in the process), the higher your score will be when the event is over. If no one has the item once the timer reaches zero, the event will enter a “sudden death” mode where the first player to enter/grab it will automatically win. (Not to be confused with Dead Drop where your mission is to DELIVER said Item to a destination.) Payouts are still based on length of time held but the last person to have the Vehicle/Briefcase gets bonus money.
  • Kill List (competitive version removed with After Hours update): This is one of the few cooperative modes. You and up to two other players jump into various military vehicles to fight off waves of Merryweather mercenaries. Whoever gets to the marked vehicle gets to play the event (solo version), whoever kills the most enemies gets the most money (co-op version). (Note: Everyone in the immediate area gets put in an unofficial Passive Mode so don’t worry about griefers.)
  • Kill The Beast: One player is transformed into a werewolf and everyone else gets to hunt them, while the Beast stays off the radar, and visits 10 landmarks. With each landmark visited the Beast’s icon is put on the minimap for a few seconds (this length of time is increased with each landmark visited). The player selected as the Beast has added speed and health making them harder to kill than a normal player. This mode lasts 30 minutes or until the Beast or Hunters win the match. You win $36,000 if you visit all 10 landmarks as The Beast, and $12,500 if you kill the Beast.
  • King of the Castle: Players fight for a marked location on the map. Almost like a little PvP Survival mode. Whoever stays King for the longest time wins.
  • Penned In: Stay within the designated area, driving, while the marked radius on the map gets smaller and smaller. Expect idiots to try and smash you out of the radius while you all try to survive to the end. Last one who doesn’t blow up from being out of the radius wins.
  • Time Trial: A solo activity where you have a set amount of time to get to a designated spot on the map. Look for the purple clock on the map.
  • Other Free Mode Challenges: Get the most headshots, melee kills, drive the farthest without crashing, fly the furthest when bailing out of your car, etc. better than anyone else. The kill related challenges can only be done against another player. Or maybe NPCs if the game specifies . . . hell, there are nearly 20 variations of them that can occur.
  • Business Battles (added with After Hours update): With at least two VIP/CEO Organizations, that own Nightclubs, a session wide mission will start for collecting Goods of various kinds for your Nightclub Warehouse. Actually when I say "various kinds" it's more like just Cargo, Weapons, and Product as far as I've seen. This event is very competitive, but in most cases have enough Goods to go around if you're lucky enough to meet a cooperative "rival" Organization. For each crate returned to your Nighclub you can receive $10,000, plus $5,000 for participating once the event times down.

Save Your Money on the Ramp Buggy

Become a VIP or Bodyguard/Associate

With the Executives and Other Criminals update, players have even more ways to make money in Free Mode. Through the new Securoserve tab in the User Interface (hold Back/Select button) you can either look for work as a Bodyguard or Register as a VIP. Anybody can be a Bodyguard, but you have to have at least $1,000,000. It doesn't COST a million dollars though. In fact, after the Gunrunning update it now only requires $50,000 to become a VIP.

Bodyguards can assist the VIP in Free Mode Work (more on that in a second) and receive $10,000 every 15 minutes. However $250 is deducted from that for every time the VIP gets killed. It's not just you, all of the Bodyguards in your Organization get a pay deduction. So you're encouraged to work together to keep your boss alive. Yes even from the psycho 12-year-olds in jets and Supercars. No one said it would be easy. Bodyguards also give a 90% cut from whatever they do in Free Mode. Sell a car, rob a Store, take part in a Free Mode Event, or kill a Bounty and the VIP will receive 90% of whatever is earned. I'm not exactly selling this, am I? This only applies to Free Moe related money-making. Pretty much anything that involves a loading screen still pays normal amounts to YOUR bank account.

As a VIP there are a series of "VIP Work" and Challenges. VIP Work consists of several different missions/jobs that can be activated from the User Interface. Keep in mind that the amounts may vary.

  • Hostile Takeover: You have to steal an Object (Briefcase or Vehicle) from the Airport, Merryweather Base, Fort Zancudo, or the Altruist Camp (you get to choose) and deliver it to a location. You and your Organization will receive a 3, 4, or 5-star Wanted Level depending on the "base" you chose to attack. You also have a 30-minute time limit to complete this. There is a 20-minute cool-down period before you reactivate this activity.
  • Asset Recovery: You have to steal a marked vehicle, from one of the several police stations around San Andreas (your choice of which), and deliver it to a location. You will receive a 3 or 4-star Wanted Level, but once you get within a mile of the drop-off point it will go to a 2-star. You get 20 minutes to complete this mission. There is a 10-minute cool-down period before you can reactivate it.
  • Sightseer: In this task, you are given 15 minutes to collect three packages at random locations on the map. To do so you need to select the Sightseer app on the in-game cell phone. After you complete a hacking mini-game the location will be on your mini-map. It's usually a mile or two away and in an out-of-reach location. You have 15 minutes to complete this task.
  • Headhunter (added with Finance and Felony): You and your Organization are tasked with taking out four targets within a given area. Other rival players can attempt to stop these assassinations. With each kill, you accumulate a three-star Wanted Level. If you kill all four targets in the time limit you will each earn $22,500. This VIP/CEO Job can be played in a solo session.

The above missions can be done Solo in an Invite Only session. These next missions require more than one player to activate.

  • Executive Search: In this mission, you go to the location on the map and hide/keep moving within the radius. If you try to hunker down somewhere you will appear on the map as a little target. If it's a slow lobby, and you're a bored Bodyguard, it only lasts 10 minutes. In the end, you get $25,000. Rewards vary for killing the VIP.
  • Piracy Prevention: You need a Yacht to start this one. Rival players and Organizations will try to invade your ship, you and your team have to prevent them from capturing it. You earn $8,000 if you're on the attacking team and $30,000 if you and/or your Organization can off attackers. (Special thanks to OPGxFaDeRzzz for the use of your yacht and help with info gathering)
  • Executive Deathmatch: Two Organizations go head to head. Only VIP kills count, 10 of those on your rival (not including Bodyguards) wins the match.
  • Airfreight (added with Finance and Felony): You and your Organization must grab the marked Cargobob and fly a guarded Container to a marked location. A Buzzard Attack Chopper is provided at the Container's location to aid against rival players who will try to shoot you down. If too much damage is dealt to the Container, gauged by the money counter at the lower right side of the screen, you will net $20,000 more or less depending.
  • Haulage (added with Finance and Felony): In this God-awfully dull VIP/CEO mission you and your Organization must grab a semi-truck, attach the trailer, and drive four f**king miles at a top speed of 60mph. Convoy song playing on radio and pep pills not guaranteed. This mission will get you $23,000 when you reach the destination. . . Even though you could grind Sightseer in an Invite-Only session and get the same amount in half the time . . .

(All of the new Special Vehicle missions added with the Import/Export update can be done in an Invite-Only Session. Some require at least one Associate in your Organization, but none require rival players. The Special Vehicle will spawn at a point on the map and you will have three minutes to get there before the mission begins, i.e. the vehicle appears on the radar for other players to attack.)

  • Transporter (added with Import/Export): After you buy the Wastelander from the War Stock website, you can activate this mission. In Transporter you have to deliver a vehicle to a location in 15 minutes. It's best to ignore the GPS and go cross-country. You will receive $22,500 once you reach the destination.
  • Stockpiling (added with Import/Export): After you buy the Amphibious Blazer from the War Stock website you can activate this mission. In Stockpiling 30 packages will spawn on the map. Using the Amphibious Blazer your Organization needs to collect the packages within 15 minutes. Green packages are those on land, blue are those in the water. If you don't collect all of the packages before the timer runs down you make $24,500. I recommend having at least two Associates with you before doing this one. I have not been able to collect all 30 packages, but based on my math from getting 15-25 of them I think you and your team will get $48,000, MAYBE.
  • Ramped Up (added with Import/Export): This CEO Work is available after buying the Ramp Buggy from Warstock. I'm not sure how to describe my hatred for this one. You need to have at least one Associate in order to launch this. One of you drives the Ramp Buggy while the other, using a Motorcycle class vehicle, jumps the Buggy to grab out-of-reach packages. Teamwork with a random is impossible, you'll know this if you've ever played Heists. Secondly (not that there was ever a "firstly") as you can see in the video even having Jetfire67 (world-renowned Motorcycle jumping expert. . . in GTA) can't get this broken crap to work. I don't know how much you get for doing this mission, but I recommend just not bothering.
  • Plowed (added with Import/Export): After buying the Phantom Plow from the War Stock website you can do this CEO Work in which you destroy crates of contraband. There will be three stacks of illegal cargo guarded by a gang. You have 15 minutes to drive these three locations and plow through the stacks of crates. . . and gang members too of course. When the mission is over you will receive $29,000.
  • Velocity (added with Import/Export): After buying the Rocket Voltic from the War Stock website you will unlock this CEO Work in which you need to keep your speed above 60mph to prevent from exploding. Basically, you just drive around the freeways for 10 minutes. Use the rocket booster, to get your speed back up, if you crash. In the end, you will get $35,000. When you have at least one Associate in your Organization they can collect checkpoints which deduct 20 seconds from the 10-minute timer. That might not seem like much but three checkpoints equal ONE MINUTE deducted from the "survival timer." It adds up, trust me.
  • Amphibious Assault (added with Import/Export): This mission unlocks after buying the Technical Aqua from the War Stock website. Keep in mind that you will need at least one Associate in order to trigger this one. You know like Ramped Up except more fun. Similar to Plowed you get 15 minutes to destroy stacks of Crates around a particular area. Except the gunner is tasked with doing the destruction. In the end, you both get $23,000.
  • Fortified (added with Import/Export): This mission unlocks after buying the Armored Boxville from the War Stock website. You don't require any Associates in order to trigger this mission in which you have to protect the Boxville, for 10 minutes, from enemies in Fugitives and Buzzard Attack Choppers. Of course, if you're playing in a Public Session you'll have to protect yourself from assholes in jets too (so good luck with that). Once you have survived 10 minutes you will receive $35,000. (Note: The Armored Boxville is not very sturdy in Free Roam, but the version used in Fortified can take a few Sticky Bombs and RPGs before you fail the mission.)
  • Fully Loaded (added with Import/Export): After you finally save up enough money to buy The Ruiner 2000 you will unlock this CEO mission in which you're tasked with blowing up 10 Turreted Limos/Technicals/Insurgents. This isn't a hard job to Solo but you just need some knowledge of when and how to use the Ruiner 200's boost jump and/or the parachute features. The Turreted Vehicles are kind of spread out so bringing an Associate along isn't a bad idea (in fact they can even bomb them from the sky with a Buzzard Attack Chopper). If your Ruiner gets destroyed more will spawn nearby. When all 10 Limos/Technicals/Insurgents are destroyed you will get $25,000.

After each of these VIP Work missions, there will be a cool-down period before you can start up another one. Also if you grind these tasks you will receive $500 less for each time you do a particular mission. If you are neither a VIP or a Bodyguard you can still take part in VIP Work like a normal Free Mode Event.

If you don't wish to compete against rival VIP Organizations there are several challenges you can launch for you and your team to raise money, and have some variety in gameplay at the same time.

  • Auto Buyout: The Organization steals cars off the street and delivers them to drop-off locations around the map. Vehicles stolen are based on their prices on the internet car-buying sites. Whoever sells the highest amount of wins.
  • Due Diligence: The Organization uses Trackify apps to find dropped packages within an area. The first one to collect the most packages in 10 minutes wins. (Listen for a beep and look for yellow smoke).
  • Most Wanted: Each of you has to survive against a 5-star Wanted Level. The last one standing wins. (Flying and hiding indoors can cause disqualification).
  • Point to Point: The VIP pauses the game, sets a Waypoint, and the Organization has to race there. First one there wins.
  • Courier Service: The Organization grabs duffle bags full of cash and tries to deliver them against police opposition. Flying and crashing make you lose money. Whoever has the highest amount of wins.
  • Market Manipulation: Everybody tries to hold up more Convenience Stores than the rest of the Organization. Whoever is holding the most money wins the Challenge.
  • Cash Out (added with Finance and Felony): Green dollar signs will appear on the map representing ATMs. Go to one and perform a hack mini-game to steal money from it. Whoever hacks the most ATMs wins.
  • Salvage (added with Finance and Felony): 50 checkpoints will appear in an underwater location. You and your Organization race to collect as many checkpoints as possible. Each one awards an additional $50 to the last one collected (up to $500 per checkpoint). Whoever has the most checkpoints collected wins.

With the Finance and Felony update being an Associate to a CEO's Organization has the same benefits as being a VIP's Bodyguard but you'll get a pay increase for each time you help a CEO sell Cargo. Even if you are a Rival VIP or CEO you can still be an Associate and get the same pay.

Become a CEO

Becoming a CEO allows you to make money through smuggling operations. As well as do VIP Work and Challenges to make money. You now have the option to hire Rival VIPs and CEOs into your Organization. You will also always be a CEO until you choose to retire, with no 12-hour cooldown period like the VIPs have.

In order to become a CEO, you have to purchase an office building. Offices are upgradable (like Yachts) and come with the following features:

  • Safe: To show off your money; the more in your in-game bank account the more that will be packaged and/or overflowing from it.
  • Gunlocker: Opposite the Safe is gun storage locker where you can customize your loadout. Doing so will prevent unwanted weapons from being cycled through to equip your favorites. If at any time you get tired of your selection (and you are away from your office) you can go into the User Interface>select Inventory>and Disable/Enable Custom Loadout.
  • Assistant: Your Assistant can order one of your Pegasus Vehicles (at extra cost) to be delivered to the rooftop helipad, your Personal Vehicle (at no extra cost) to be delivered to the Office (know that this will cause you to spawn outside), and can provide you with all of the Snacks that you can carry for just $1. And without having to go to multiple Convenience Stores. (After the Criminal Enterprises update you can also "Export Mixed Goods" for $150,000 if you own a few warehouses. This has a one in-game day/48 minutes realtime cooldown.)
  • Sleeping Quarters: This just adds all of the features of a standard apartment to your Office which gives the ability to use your Office as a Spawn In point. In my opinion, you can just set your Spawn point to "Last Location" and it will just make you appear outside of your Office. If you want t save yourself some money.

To unlock Contraband Smuggling you need to purchase a warehouse. You can purchase up to five of these, in various locations, at one time. Ranging from Small (16 Crates), Medium (42 Crates), and Large (111 Crates). To begin a Cargo purchase access the SecuroServ computer on your desk. From there you pick what Warehouse you want to ship to then pick between one, two, or three Crates to buy. $2,000, $8,000, or $18,000 will be the costs, and of course, the difficulty will change depending on how many you choose. You can do these purchase missions Solo.

Solo Crate Method:

You won't be an overnight millionaire but keep in mind that 1-9 Crates is one vehicle, 10-41 Crates will be two Vehicles, and 42-111 will be three. Unless it's the Tug or Titan sell vehicles, but that can be random. When purchasing Crates only stick to doing two at most. Yes paying $18,000 for three Crates fills your Warehouse faster, but it's also less profitable. Really you should keep Special Cargo as a sideline money-making tool. It's not just an issue of the number of vehicles for the Sale.

Note: As of the Criminal Enterprises update you can now talk to a Warehouse associate, and pay $7,500 for THEM to source a random crate without the legwork. This is a great addition if you like to focus on other endeavors. However for an additional $500, and a little work, you could get TWO crates. So I'll leave it up to you how much you think it's worth.

Avoiding Warehouse Raids:

You could play Freeroam as a Motorcycle Club President, but then you're more likely to get one of your Biker Businesses raided. The sweet spot of not being annoyed is to have the following inventory amounts depending on the Warehouse size:

Small Warehouse = No more than nine Crates.

Medium Warehouse = No more than 21 Crates.

Large Warehouse = No more than 56 Crates.

Theoretically, you're the most likely to not get raided while also keeping a good inventory of goods to sell later. However you'll still need a friend to help you with sell missions, but you should do that regardless.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (21)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (22)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (23)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (24)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (25)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (26)

The four locations for CEO offices. You can only own one at a time, like Yachts.

1 / 5

Import/Export Vehicle Cargo

The Import/Export update brings a new series of Vehicle Warehouses to your CEO Organization. With which you can take part in high profile thefts and bring this game's title to its original literal meaning. As a CEO, go to your Organization's Office computer and buy a Vehicle Warehouse under the Import/Export section. Each Vehicle Warehouse has space for 40 stolen rides. You can only have one Warehouse at a time, and I would advise you NOT to purchase the cheapest one. They are all the same, but you're paying for location. (Buy any of the Warehouses that are not the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. Rival CEOs typically camp around this location preying on other players that own this Warehouse.)

Doing Import/Source Vehicle missions also unlocks new Special Vehicles which you can buy from the War Stock Cache and Carry website. You can buy them right away if you have the money, but not all of them are really worth it. Each Special Vehicle can be spawned under the Vehicles tab of the UI. They also have their own CEO Work missions once bought (more on that in the VIP/CEO section above).

Starting a Source Vehicle Mission:

Starting a Source Vehicle mission is similar to selecting a Cargo Purchase, except there's no down payment and you can only grab one car at a time. However, the more damage that is caused to the Vehicle, on the way to delivering it to your Warehouse, the more it will cost to repair once the mission is over. Also, like Cargo missions, a signal will ping out to everyone in the session making you appear on the map. Don't fret as you can use Lester's Go Off Radar ability or "Ghost Organization" under the SecuroServ tab in the UI. You can also use a Cargobob when Sourcing a Vehicle. Talk to your Assistant and select it under the Pegasus menu. Keep in mind though that not all Vehicles can be picked up with it, like convertibles for example. Also, Top Range Vehicle missions are slightly more complex than "go here, steal vehicle" but you can still use a Cargobob if you're near a Pegasus helipad spawn point. Otherwise, I only recommend it for Standard and some Mid Range Source missions to make them go faster.

Be Weary of Rival Players:

As a rival player, it is possible to blow up Vehicle Cargo to get $2,000 (or $10,000 if it's during an Export in some cases), but unlike Special Cargo, players can steal the vehicle and deliver it to their own Warehouse. If you feel like this is about to happen, make sure to damage the Vehicle as much as possible. The repairs will come out of THEIR pocket, but also keep in mind that thefts only seem to occur around the cheapest Vehicle Warehouse in La Mesa.

Note: As of the Criminal Enterprises update you can now source and sell Import/Export vehicles in an Invite Only session elevating you of the stress of PVP situations. (More on this below).

Upon Delivery:

Once you deliver the Vehicle to your Warehouse you can either sell the Vehicle individually (or with up to four Vehicles with people in your Organization) or sell a Collection. Exporting a collection of four specific Vehicles will require working with three other people, but will yield a bonus profit for delivering a full set of a certain type. To understand what the hell I'm talking about go to the laptop at your Vehicle Warehouse. Here you can check out your building's inventory and set up an Export mission.

Starting an Export Mission:

Starting an Export mission will require an upfront cost to customize the selected Vehicle to the Client's specifications. Don't worry though, it won't cost as much as Benny's work for example and you can choose any custom options that you want. Anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 which of course also sets the difficulty and profit margin for the Export. Ultimately this is a great way to make money if you are a solo player but I recommend having at least one Associate running interference in an Insurgent. You can also use Lester's "Go Off Radar" ability during a Vehicle Export, but depending on the number of players in your Organization, and in the session, activating Ghost Organization might be a better option.

Is It Worth Doing Solo?:

Absolutely! You can still make more if you have three Associates to help you, but if you're in the right lobby go for it. If you somehow manage to get into a Solo Public/Invite Only session you will be attacked by NPCs who will do damage by shooting at your Vehicle Cargo. Remember that if you're worried about other players you can activate Ghost Organization. You can also only sell Vehicle Cargo once every 20 minutes. Also, if you haven't already, purchase a Cargobob. They make the Import missions go a lot easier.

With The Contracts update the EMP Grenade Launcher is a good tool for those missions where you have to stop a moving vehicle long enough to steal it. Keep in mind the only way to get the weapon is to own an Agency with an Armory. However it's worth having.

With the Criminal Enterprises update you can now sell Vehicle Cargo in an Invite Only session. However you will be attacked by NPC enemies. Park the Export vehicle, hunker down, and take out four waves of four enemies. After this enjoy a stress free peaceful drive!

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (27)
How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (28)

Staying Alive

If you are able to get into your own lobby, somehow, you can do these without fear of other players trying to kill you. However, in a Public Lobby, there's the likelihood of a guy in a jet blowing up your Cargo. Once you pick up a Crate or get into a Cargo Vehicle, a short-timer will indicate when your Mission will become very known to the rest of the Lobby. You'll then appear as a red Crate on the map.

Calling Lester, and Going Off Radar ($500 for one minute) or activating Ghost Organization (User Interface>SecuroServ>CEO Abilities) ($12,000 for three minutes), will keep you AND the Cargo off the radar. If you have teammates, and the Cargo is in a special vehicle (van, box truck, camper, etc.) one of your Associates can follow behind in an Insurgent. AND I mean directly behind so that enemy players locking-on will hit the Insurgent instead of the Cargo vehicle. In fact, an Insurgent is useful for single Crates as well. Players get $2,000-$5,000 for each of your Crates that they blow up, also be careful when you take on enemies from the air as you can damage your own Cargo.

Special thanks to L3GITBAL3R175 and MADMENxJG93 for providing me with that information.

Note: The Gunrunning update and Smuggler's Run won't always allow you to go hidden on the radar, through the usual means, though certain vehicles and Sell missions will give you the ability to jam the radar under the right conditions. Also, I recommend making use of the Gunrunning update's anti-aircraft weaponry. The Insurgent will always be a good linebacker, but the APC is even better.

As of The Contract update you can call Imani to hide you, and your Organization/MC, from players within 500 meters of your current position. Essentially making a radius similar to the "Executive Search" VIP/CEO Work. However leaving this radius and/or killing any other players outside of your Organization/MC will erase this radius. Spend that $12,000 wisely.

As of the Criminal Enterprises update you can do ALL sell and source missions through an Invite Only session. Though doing things in a Public lobby will net you a 1.5% bonus per player. Don't be greedy though . . .

Being a Good Boss

CEOs have the chance to make a lot of money through selling Cargo but the Associate only makes a maximum of $10,000 from a Cargo sale. Do a VIP/CEO Work in-between a Cargo/Bunker/Nightclub buy/sell Mission and split your earnings with your Organization. That in conjunction with the pay they receive every 15 minutes will help even their profit margin. Be a good boss and the morale of your Associates will be improved.

While you're waiting for a CEO/VIP Work timer to cool down select a CEO Challenge. Piracy Prevention can net your Associates $30,000. $21,000 after Sightseer, etc.

Run a Biker Gang

With the Bikers update, you can start a Motorcycle Club (MC) in much the same way as a VIP/CEO Organization, but with some differences. You can recruit up to seven players, instead of just three, and it comes with more benefits than just an extra pair of hands.

To become the President of an MC buy a Clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. From there you can choose from a few different Clubhouses in Blaine County and Los Santos. Similar to Offices for CEO's these buildings come with their own customization options and features. However, a bed is included making this a location you can spawn into when you enter a new Free Roam Session. The most useful feature of the new MCs is the 10 spot garage exclusive only to Motorcycle class vehicles. Now you can remove them from your other Properties to free up space, essentially giving you a seventh garage option. The MC also comes with a custom shop that can give you unique bike modifications. (Note: With the Criminal Enterprises update you will occasionally get a "customer bike" to modify for $10,000. Upon delivery you will get an additional $50,000 IF you deliver it in perfect condition. Which isn't easy with some of these bikes . . . This is similar to the Auto Shop except you MUST deliver it rather than give the job to a lacky.)

Members recruited to your MC can be promoted to Vice President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Road Captain, and Enforcers. Each rank comes with its own abilities Which are basically the same you could have all at once as a VIP/CEO. For example:

Vice Presidents can target any player in the game and drop Bullshark for $1,000.
Sergeant-at-Arms can drop Ammo for $1,000 and Molotovs for $200 apiece.
Road Captains can turn on riding formations and request vehicles.
Enforcers can request a hit squad to attack a player and drop Body Armor for $1,000.

You won't get paid every 15 minutes for being in an MC like a Bodyguard in an Organization, but you won't lose 90% of your pay for doing Free Mode activities (Events, collecting Bounties, Selling Cars, etc.) either.

Club Work:

Like VIPs/CEOs, there are quick missions you can activate from the User Interface in Free Mode. However, Contract Missions and Businesses are better alternatives to making money in my opinion. In a sense, I would say these are like some kind of joke.

  • Deathmatch: Your MC versus a rival one (like Executive Deathmatch).
  • Joust: A Deathmatch on bikes only using melee weapons.
  • Stand Your Ground: Essentially Privacy Prevention; but on land at a specified location, twice as long, and requires at least one other person in your MC to start. Defend the zone for 20 minutes to earn $30,000.
  • Caged In: A motorcycle only version of Penned In that seems to cancel itself out before you get to the start point.

Club Challenges:

Each of the positions in an MC can also launch side challenges to earn extra money and RP. Once again something a CEO/VIP could do all in one menu.

  • (Vice President) Hit-and-Ride: Your MC compete to take out the most gang members using drive-bys. Kills on foot or in any other vehicle don’t count.
  • (Sergeant-at-Arms) On-The-Run: Basically Most Wanted but on motorcycles. You and your crew compete to see who stays alive longer with a Wanted Level.
  • (Road Captain) Race-to-Point: Like the Point-to-Point VIP/CEO Challenge but pays a lot more to the winner and MUST be completed on a motorcycle.
  • (Enforcer) Rippin-it-Up: You and your crew compete to cause the most damage.

Contract Missions:

Contract missions are posted in the meeting room of your clubhouse. Some can be done solo, while others require that you have at least one other member recruited in your club. Enemy players can also disrupt your job for a chance to make money (though like usual not as much money as YOU will be making if you beat it). Reward payouts vary depending on how many people are recruited into your MC.

  • Outrider: You and your crew have to pick up and deliver Contacts to a destination while fighting off enemy NPCs and other players. In the end, you get paid $17,000.
  • Weapon of Choice: You and your crew need to split up and take out the targets within the time limit. Sort of like the VIP/CEO "Headhunter" mission but with a phone call from Malc to give the illusion of narrative. In the end, you get $25,000.
  • Cracked: You and your crew attack The Lost clubhouse in Los Santos, crack their safe, and rush to deliver the money to a dropoff location. In the end, you get $9,000 for each bag of cash delivered (ie. you get more money the more members are in your MC)
  • Jailbreak: In this mission, you are tasked with hijacking a Prison Bus, while it's in route, and deliver the passengers to a destination. Don't worry about playing this one solo, the convicts will help you fight off the police as you slowly trug along. Once you get the convicts to the escape helicopters you earn $23,500.
  • Fragile Goods: You and your crew are tasked with blowing up Lost MC vans. When I say blow-up, I should stress that these vans need three Sticky Bombs to destroy. When all the vans are gone you get $13,000
  • P.O.W.: Break into the police station and rescue the arrested Client. Terminator-style obviously. Don't worry about killing the Client by putting a Sticky Bomb on the jail cell door, it's the only way to get him out. Can be done solo. $25,000 rewarded once you bring the Client to the Safehouse.
  • Nine-Tenths of the Law: Steal various bikes and deliver them to their locations. You'll need at least one partner for this. In the end, you make $23,000.
  • Torched: Blow up (Molotovs work too) the marked crates full of ammo. Can be done solo. In the end, you get $20,000.
  • Gunrunning: Take out an arms deal, then deliver the stolen goods to a location for payment. $19,500 upon delivery.
  • Guns For Hire: You will need one other person in your MC to launch this mission, but I recommend having at least three. You and your crew need to drive a pair of limousines to a destination. All the while defending it from the clients' enemies and other players. Once you get to the destination you will need to defend the Clients. Luckily his mission only lasts 15 minutes total, when it's over you get $31,500.
  • By The Pound: Drive to the drug deal then deliver the product to the drop-off. No, of course, it won't be that easy. It's GTA dude! When you deliver the product you get $14,000.
  • Life and Deathbikes (added with Criminal Enterprises): Go to location, sneak/shoot your way into the garage, steal the Deathbike, drive to meeting location and kill the enemies. You'll then have a choice, after a call from Malc, to keep or ditch the Deathbike. You get paid $75,000 for returning it.
  • Hit the Roof (added with Criminal Enterprises): Fly to location, find cutter and search containers, use Cargobob on roof to return container. Oh yeah and there are enemies to fight throughout . . . Bring the container to the drop off location to get $55,000.

Run a Dive Bar!:

With the Criminal Enterprises update owning an MC now gives you the chance to make another form of passive daily income. Just like the American dream! Go talk to Sindy behind the bar (by press LEFT on the D-pad, RIGHT will have her give you a beer) to start a Bar Supply mission. You'll have 30 minutes to go to the location, collect the van, and drive it back to your MC. Enemies on motorcycles will try to disrupt your beer run, so be ready to shoot. Doing this mission will net you $10,000 each time. More importantly it will get you $20,000 ($5k per day) in Bar Earnings. Unfortunately Rockstar forgot to add a "Supply" bar to this new feature, but just do a resupply every few days to keep the bar topped up. You can collect a maximum of $100,000 before you have to empty the duffle bad in your MC office. You also can't do more than one Resupply Mission every 48 minutes.

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Biker Business vs Cargo Smuggling

Start a Business (Biker Update)

With the Biker update a new way to make good money in Free Mode has been introduced; illegal businesses. This is where you can make some more forgiving profit (yet a little more demanding) than CEO Cargo Smuggling. To start a Business go to your Laptop at your MC (it's in the office/bedroom near the bike garage).

There are five Businesses to choose from; Cocaine, Meth, Counterfeiting, Weed, and Document Forging. I listed them from most money to least amount profitable. Personally, I have all of the drug Businesses but Counterfeiting is regarded as slightly more profitable than the Weed Farm. Document Forgery is apparently not that big of a business, either. Which is strange since you think that would be a commodity so close to Mexico . . . Oh well. You can also only own one of each, but I recommend just sticking to three.

You will be able to Upgrade your businesses with improved, Security, Staff, and Equipment. Prices vary but you should upgrade your Businesses in that order. Security will prevent police raids, Staff will allow for faster production (as well as allowing your Supplies to last longer before having to do another Resupply), and Equipment will increase your quality (i.e. more money).

Getting Stock:

Businesses come down to two things, Supplies (lower green bar) and Product (upper blue bar). You need Supplies to make Product and there are two ways to get it. You can Steal Supplies (which will just cost you time) or Buy Supplies (which will cost you money but will speed things along). There are five bars for Supplies; each one is $15,000 worth of content. You could Steal Supplies Solo but it takes forever. I seriously recommended having at least one recruit in your Motorcycle Club (MC) before doing a Steal mission, if you have multiple Businesses. Each Steal Supplies mission involves going to a location and either grabbing a bag\box\bucket (one bar) or a vehicle (two bars). If you plan to do things solo you should only concentrate on keeping three bars worth of Supplies at a time, and also bring an aircraft to speed up travel times. Some Steal Supplies missions are much better with some help though. (If you're doing the "Tequi-La-La" mission you should buy some of Brucie's Bullshark Testosterone before you start the bar fight. It makes it go so much easier seeing as you can only use Unarmed attacks (not even melee weapons).

Producing Product (fully upgraded Businesses):

It takes five hours for Cocaine Lockup, six hours for Meth Lab, five hours and 20 minutes for Counterfeit Cash and Weed Farm, and three hours for the Document Forgery to have a full bar of Product.

For a Cocaine Factory, statistically, it takes two hours for a full bar of Supplies to deplete. For the Meth Lab it takes two hours and 30 minutes for a full bar of Supplies to deplete. Two hours and 40 minutes for the Counterfeit Cash Supply bar to be made into Product. The Weed Farm takes three hours and 20 minutes, while the Document Forgery lasts two hours and 30 minutes before a Resupply.

Selling Stock:

When you are ready to Sell Stock you will have two options; one will give you more money than the other. The Sell Stock missions are random. Some times you will be in Post Op trucks (extremely tedious), in helicopters, or anything in-between. Chances are you will get Sticky Bombed or shot out of the sky before you get all of the Stock delivered, but don't fret. You will still get paid for Stock sold instead of getting screwed out of your pay like Cargo Smuggling. You will also get bonus money depending on how many other players are in the Session. Remember that going Off Radar, through Lester, is always an option if you need an extra minute of anonymity.

Police Raids:

Like Cargo Smuggling, if you try to horde your Product for too long the police (in this case) will get wise to your operation launching a special mission in Free Roam. Fight off the cops and rescue your staff within 30 minutes. If you don't succeed in this you only lose Product and Supplies and have to do another Set-up mission to get your Business up-and-running again. The Upgrades will still be there.

Worth Doing Solo?:

You can resupply your Businesses solo, although it can feel like a grind. Buying a Terrorbyte will make Steal Supplies missions not as much of a hassle. However it's worth buying Supplies for the Cocaine Factory. Even with buying Supplies three times (which is $225,000 total) you're still making a profit of $195,000 for a full sale. It's not worth buying Supplies for the other Businesses though. If you want to make a maximum profit you should have at least one other person helping you however if you just want quick cash the sell mission vehicle depends on how many bars of stock you have.

One Product Bar will most likely give you the single Truck mission.

Two Product Bars causes either one truck or two Vehicles (Helicopters, Sea Planes, Box Trucks, etc.)

Three Product Bars is likely to be three Vehicles.

Four or five Product Bars leads to either the above mentioned Vehicles or the dreaded four motorcycles sell mission.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (30)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (31)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (32)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (33)

With each Business, you get two options of sale. For example, here is the Weed Farm in Paletto Bay. Choosing the more profitable option will mean having to travel to Los Santos. Bring help.

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The Oppressor is VERY useful for resupply missions

Sell Some Freedom

The Gunrunning update works with either a CEO or Motorcycle Club. Actually, if you don’t have an Office you can also access this new venture as just a VIP (for all you new players out there). You can either look at it as a third CEO operation or a sixth Biker Business (though as I’ve said Special Cargo sucks and you shouldn’t have Document Forgery). This update also adds new vehicles, with missions, but none of them are connected to VIP/CEO Work. Which is good for me because it requires less grinding to make this article complete!

Gunrunning is the best money making gamble so far, at least statistically. To unlock it you need to buy a Bunker. All Bunkers are located within Blaine County, and like always, are priced based on location. Each one seeming to give better ease of access once you do Supply and Sell Missions. Bunkers work similarly to CEO offices in which you can pick and choose features based on your play style.

  • Bunker Style: These are just customization options that change the look of your Bunker.
  • Personal Quarters: This adds a small sleeping area, closet, and Free Roam spawn point for the Bunker.
  • Shooting Range: Adds a shooting range that appears to be limited to the new Mk II weapons only. Here you can complete tough challenges to unlock unique weapon paint jobs. In my opinion not worth the money.
  • Gun Locker: The exact same pick-and-choose custom loadout tool as a CEO Office. If you're just a VIP this could be useful, but if you already own a CEO office just skip this option.
  • Transportation: Adds a small golf cart/tugger to the Bunker that helps you get around “faster." Honestly, you can get around just fine by jogging.

The Mobile Operation Center (M.O.C.):

This is technically an extension to the standard Bunker so I'm going to get this out of the way now since some people think that this thing is essential. You will need one of these if you want to upgrade certain weapons to Mk II a as well as buy unlocked upgrades and ammo for them and customize certain vehicles. These things can't be done at Ammunation or any of the garages. The modules you choose are based on your personal preference but you'll need the Command Center, and the Vehicle and Weapon Workshop to upgrade guns and cars.

(Note: As of the Doomsday Heist update you can upgrade certain guns to Mk II and weaponized vehicles using an Avenger. As of the After Hours update you can get a weapon workshop for your Terrorbyte. As of the Casino Heist update you can upgrade weapons to Mk II in the basement of the Arcade. Cayo Perico's Kosatka Submarine also has the option to buy a Weapons Workshop.)

Once you have unlocked all of the vehicle upgrades you can switch the weapon/Vehicle Workshop with just a Weapon Workshop and Living Quarters or Personal Vehicle Storage. You will need to keep the Command Center in order to use the M.O.C.'s turret guns and do Agent 14's Special Vehicle missions. If you're not interested in THAT you have the ability to use this as a mobile RV/safe house like people have been requesting for a long time. However the semi cab alone is very useful and the most armored vehicle in the game. Depending on how much you hate griefers that might be worth it to you.


Once you’ve finished decking out your Bunker you can access the Disruption Logistics Laptop near your Personal Quarters. Here you can gain access to the money-making Weapon Manufacturing, but also Research. Unlike other updates so far you have to have your Staff unlock the items for you over time. (Note: With the Criminal Enterprises update you can now call Agent 14 to start a "Fast Track Research" mission. These missions will help increase your Research bar, but you can only call Agent 14 OUTSIDE of your Bunker.)

Like Biker Businesses there are Supplies (orange bar) and Stock (blue bar), but there is also Research (green bar). There are also Security, Staff, and Equipment Upgrades (under Buy Upgrades) which do the exact functions as Biker Businesses. Rest assured that attacks on your Bunker are much rarer than police raids on your Meth Lab. However, it's still wise to buy the Security upgrade.

There are two ways to Resupply; Steal or Buy for $75,000 just like with Biker Businesses. If you're a player who just wants to unlock the new items through Research then I recommend just Stealing Supplies. It doesn't take that long and Agent 14 won't ask you to do something stupid like attack a rock bar full of bikers with your bare fists (and not melee weapons . . .). If you're just trying to manufacture Stock to sell then go ahead. It takes five full bars of Supplies to make ONE bar of Stock, but theoretically, you will still be making a profit of $675,000 (not including the "High Demand" bonus) if you just Buy Supplies. Like I said though I would not recommend Buying Supplies if your main focus is Research. It takes 11 hours and 40 minutes to fully fill the Stock bar and two hours, 20 minutes to deplete a Supplies bar.

Selling a full bar of Stock, to Los Santos, will net you $1,050,000 but you will also get a "High Demand" bonus based on how many players are in your session. Sell missions' difficulty is based on how much Stock you are transporting. Also before you start the Sell mission make sure you are in an MC instead of an Organization. You will have an extra slot for another helper BUT each of your MC Members will receive $30,000 instead of just $6,000-$10,000 as Associates.

Like other Free Roam delivery missions, the amount of Stock you are selling will determine the number of vehicles that your crew will be using. A word of advice: If you're doing the one with the Trailer(s) being pulled by a Phantom Wedge try to avoid the temptation of ramming every vehicle you come across. The Phantom Wedge unfortunately only lasts so long and will destroy your shipment if it blows up.

Worth Doing Solo?:

Like Biker Businesses you should have a friend come along with you. In fact two friends would be ideal, and pray you don't get the four Dune-buggies mission . . . Even if you're only going for quick cash the dollar amounts below will help you determine if you should bring a third person with you.

$175,000 ($262,000 if sold to Los Santos) worth of Product is one vehicle or two Dune Buggies.

$350,000 ($524,000 if sold to Los Santos) worth of Product is one (Phantom Wedge Trailer) or two vehicles.

$525,000 ($786,000 if sold to Los Santos) worth of Product is two or three vehicles.

$700,000 ($1,050,000 if sold to Los Santos) worth of Product is two-four vehicles.

An Exercise in Excess:

With the Criminal Enterprises update your Bunker staff will accrue excess weapons into a Duneloader parked in the loading bay. Press Right on the D-pad to start a delivery to a random Ammunation around the state. Merryweather will chase after you in Mesas but you can hook the vehicle up with a Cargobob to make the mission go faster. Doing this side mission will get you $50,000 each time, but can only be done every 48 minutes.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (34)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (35)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (36)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (37)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (38)

The new Vehicle missions. Each unlike after a certain amount of Steal Supplies missions. After beating the missions you will get the Trade Price discount on Warstock.

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Sell More Crates (But From the Sky This Time)

The Smuggler's Run update adds another, albeit not as lucrative, neutral business to VIP/CEO Organizations and Motorcycle Clubs. Like Bunkers, you will need to purchase a Hanger from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website, but the options are limited but varied depending on what you choose.

Los Santos International vs Fort Zancudo:

Yes, the Airport Hangers are cheaper but buying one within the Fort will grant you access, without a Wanted Level, and add more security in case other players get trigger happy. Your Personal Aircraft and Pegasus vehicles also don't appear to spawn at the Airport. Also, since the Airport offers the cheapest options, it can be a bit crowded.

Worth Your Time?:

Hanger Cargo is a lot like Finance and Felony's Special Cargo but simplified. The only theft of your inventory you need to worry about is rival players stealing it on the way from a Procure mission. No AI enemies raiding your Hanger, no Hanger upgrades to have to purchase. Even if you don't want to partake in this new way of making money (although if you're a solo player it's much more forgiving on the wallet than Import/Export) you will need a Hanger if you want to purchase and modify the new Aircraft offered with the Smuggler's Run update.

Sourcing Air Freight:

Unlike Special Cargo, there is no upfront cost for buying supplies. It will require you to do a mission, featuring one of the new aircraft, to go procure a piece of Air Freight. Keep in mind that you don't have to use the provided Aircraft. For example, if Ron has you go bomb a compound call in a Savage. Using the Starling takes too long. He needs you to take signal jammers around the state? Bring a Hydra, you'll get the job done FASTER.


Air Freight is broken down into Narcotics, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Animal Materials, Art & Antiques, Jewelry & Gemstones, Tobacco & Alcohol, and Counterfeit Goods. Personally, I like to feel like I'm screwing over artsy-fartsies, but Narcotics, Chemicals, and Medical Supplies are the most profitable. Not including the "High Demand" bonus you have the potential to make $850,000 for selling 50 Crates of Narcotics, Chemicals, or Medical Supplies. That includes the bonus for focusing on ONE type of Air Freight. Like I said in the screenshot you can be eclectic with your inventory of Air Freight (having 50 units of anything), but you'll make much more money if you stick to one genre.

Worth Doing Solo?:

Since the Hanger can never be attacked I would say horde Air Freight until Rockstar gives another double/triple money week. Sourcing Air Freight can be done solo, but you should only sell with a friend or two. Like other businesses there is a specific formula that will determine what possible sell vehicle you will get.

Less than 10 Crates equals one Vehicle/Container or three Havok Helicopters

11-25 Crates equals two Vehicles/Containers or six Havok Helicopters

26-50 Crates will be either three Vehicles/Containers or eight Havok Helicopters.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (39)

Best Vehicles for Sourcing Air-Freight

As you can see in the video above you are not required to use the aircraft that Ron gives you for the mission. In fact a lot of times it's faster to not use them. Below are some suggestions, from personal experience, that have worked for me.

  • Defend Titan: The machine guns on the Mogul are pretty powerful, and it's useful if you have a co-op partner in your Organization/MC, but using the Hydra's explosive cannon and hovering is very effective against the attacking Buzzards. Just try not to blow up the Titan with too much friendly fire. The hovering is also useful for grabbing the dropped Air Freight.
  • Merryweather Dog Fight: The Nokota provided is the perfect vehicle for this mission against gaggles (I think that word can apply here . . .) of Merryweather Lazer jets. Especially with its counter-measures and fast-firing lock-on missiles.
  • Bomb the Base: The Sterling is . . . well, it's slow and the bombing mechanic takes too long in my opinion. Yes, I'm aware of the dive-bomb technique, but bringing a Savage or Hydra is much faster. Do a missile-firing run on the hostile NPC's then clear out the rest of the targets with the explosive cannon.
  • Birthday Stuntpilot: The Howard is THE best plane for this mission. I mean you could call in any other stunt plane, but that's your choice. Also, fly to the city and perform Knife Flights to fill the Interest bar faster. You can ditch the plane once you unlock the location of the Freight.
  • Go to Crash Site: Just use the provided Buzzard, this is a quick mission. You can also easily get away from the responding enemy helicopters. You can swoop down and collect the Freight without having to land, except for the Mount Chiliad version where the Freight will be in a nearby tunnel.
  • Destroy Signal Jammers: The Hunter is good if you're used to the Barrage Missiles, but the Hydra can help you get around the map faster. Also if you're good at dive-bombing the Rogue is a good choice too.
  • Merryweather Cargo Planes: Use the Molotok provided. As you're attacking the Cargo planes hold down the fire button, with auto-lock Missiles, and throttle down (Left Trigger, L2, etc.) to do more damage with fewer passes. Just remember to throttle up before you drop out of the sky . . .
  • Off-Shore Salvage: The Tula is perfect for this mission as you can hover above the salvage team, drop bombs more precisely, then land on the water above the Freight. Make sure to put the plane out of hover mode, and to take advantage of the JTOL feature, for a quicker getaway from the enemy helicopters.
  • Fly to Rooftop: There's three of these; Epsilon Center, Hotel, and Construction Site. For the Epsilon Center bring a Buzzard Attack Chopper, you can lock on to the gunmen on the rooftop (and land) rather than climbing to the top. For the other two just bring the Buzzard provided. Most of the action takes place with shooting (enemies and crates) while on the ground.
  • Go To Airfield: The game doesn't really give you a vehicle to work with on this one, at least until you actually grab the Freight. For Sandy Shores, it's a Pyro and for Mckenzie Airfield it's a Rogue. Either way, fly or drive to where you have to go, then gun your way through the hanger's enemies. Like the above missions, it's mainly on-the-ground shooting.

Mollies, Lights, and Some Weird Stains on Your Shirt

With the After Hours update, you can purchase one of several new Nightclubs around Los Santos. As usual, all of the prices are based on their location. This new property is the first to serve a dual purpose; you can run a legit nightclub where you will earn passive money per day, and/or a smuggling operation in the basement that coincides with your existing Businesses (both VIP/CEO and Motorcycle Club).

The Nightclub:

Your Nightclub can be customized in a number of ways. The ones you should definitely buy are the Security, Staff, and Equipment upgrades (just like Biker Businesses and the Bunker) which are available through the Business Computer in the Nightclub office. Popularity is what controls how successful your legit Nightclub is. The higher it is the more passive income you will get per day in the office Safe. (Hint: The Safe is hidden behind the wall near the Business Computer, Weapons Locker is on the opposite side of the room.)

To increase Popularity you can do Promotion Missions, but a faster way is to spend $10,000 to Rebook a previous DJ. Doing so will give you half a bar on your Popularity. Doing Promotion Missions decreases the Popularity of other Nightclubs in the session, but boosts yours. So when Tony texts you, and you get that red target on the mini-map, I'll leave it up to you whether you want to be a try-hard. In my opinion, it's just best to let them Promote their Nightclub. You only lose half a bar of Popularity.

Even with no Popularity you will still make a passive income of $100 a day in the Nightclub Safe. As of The Contracts update you can hold a total of $250,000 before you need to collect. So in other words . . . just let it be for a long time.

Note: With the Criminal Enterprises update you can do Promotion missions in an Invite Only session (in addition to everything else Nightclub related), but you will also get texts from Marcel once your club starts to get really popular. However these side missions can be interacted with by pressing Right on the D-pad (and sometimes you might have to drive them somewhere). Doing these will increase your Popularity by one bar, but they only occur while inside your Nightclub.

The Warehouse:

The illegal part of the Nightclub is controlled under the Warehouse Management tab of the Business Computer. The Nightclub Warehouse GOODS (yep that's what they're called in order to not confuse it with Cargo, Product, Stock, and/or Freight from the other updates respectfully) are broken down into this:

  • Cargo and Shipments (100) = CEO Cargo and Hanger Air Freight
  • Sporting Goods (100) = Bunker Stock
  • South American Imports (10) = Cocaine Factory
  • Pharmaceutical Research (20) = Meth Lab
  • Organic Produce (80) = Weed Farm
  • Printing & Copying (60) = Document Forgery Office
  • Cash Creation (40) = Counterfeit Cash Factory

You can hire up to five Warehouse Technicians to procure Supplies for any of the above Goods. Luckily like I've said before two of those Biker Businesses are not worth having anyway. You also need to have the particular Business open and set-up before you can assign a Technician to that Goods bar. For example, I had to reopen my Weed Farm to assign a Tech to the Organic Produce. Each unit of Goods takes time to produce.

  • Cargo and Shipments = 1 hour and 10 minutes minutes per unit
  • Sporting Goods = 40 minutes per unit
  • South American Imports = two hours per unit
  • Pharmaceutical Research = 1 hour per unit
  • Cash Creation = 30 minutes per unit
  • Weed and Forgery = I don't know because they're a waste of time having, so I don't have them. I think it was 20 minutes per unit with the Weed Farm.

Rest assured these Warehouse Technicians do not require your help to gather Supplies, and this will not affect your actual Businesses (though my Cocaine Factory got reset after getting a Nightclub . . .), but doing a Steal Supplies mission with your Biker Businesses and Bunker seem to fill the Goods bars faster. I can't say for sure which Cargo/Freight Business fills the Cargo Goods faster. With Criminal Enterprises you can call Yohan (while OUTSIDE of your Nightclub incase you're easily annoyed by busy signals) to launch a "Request Nightclub Goods" mission. Doing this will get you a random type of Goods and some cash for the trouble.

There are three vehicles associated with Sell Missions that will only be used if you sell more than a certain amount of Goods. Anything under 90 you'll use the Speedo Custom (which is why you'll use this vehicle more than the Mule Custom or Pounder Custom). With the Warehouse Storage fully upgraded you can hold 360 units of Goods total.

Tony also takes a 10% cut of whatever you're selling, but you also get a "High Demand" bonus which fluctuates with the number of players in the session.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (40)
How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (41)

Buy a Terrorbyte

Ok, I'm fully aware that this article is called "How to MAKE Money in GTA Online" not "How to SPEND Money in GTA Online," but if you're serious about Free Mode missions, and making money with CEO and/or Biker Businesses, you NEED this vehicle.

The Terrorbyte is a new facility vehicle (like the Mobile Operations Center and Avenger) that allows you to source Supplies, Air-Freight, and Cargo (all the types) as well as do Client Jobs which give you extra money in Free Mode.

It's not completely perfect since you can't check your Business/Bunker/Hanger/Warehouse's Inventory from wherever the Terrorbyte spawns. You also can't purchase Supplies (which I recommend for the Bunker), but I don't think these shortcomings are as big of a deal as people make them out to be.

Sourcing Inventory:

Sourcing Air Freight is a hit or miss depending on the Source Mission. Like I've said above some of the aircraft Ron gives you are good for THAT mission. Although you can get around this if you spawn the Terrorbyte near an airfield, and have a decent selection with Pegasus, or a preferred Personal Aircraft.

Sourcing Vehicle Cargo isn't an issue by calling Pegasus for a Cargobob near a helipad. Encase the game won't let you (this happens on certain Vehicle Sourcing Missions) it's a good idea to have a Personal Cargobob in your Hanger that you can "call-in" through the Interaction Menu under Vehicles.

Sourcing Special Cargo for your Warehouse can be done with the touchscreen the same way as your CEO Office computer. The only difference being that the Warehouses are listed by name and address, rather than seeing where they are on the map. Regardless, as a CEO, you can spawn a Buzzard Attack Chopper from anywhere to commence the mission.

Note: I still think Special Cargo is a waste of time, just my personal opinion.

Where the Terrorbyte's Resupply-anywhere ability really shines is with the Biker Businesses. As long as you have an Oppressor you can launch it from just about anywhere on the map and restock your Business. The missions are a dice throw though, so you could drive down the street or across the map, just like before this vehicle was invented.

Client Jobs:

In the upper left side of the screen is a new set of Free Mode missions that can be played as either a VIP/CEO or MC President. They follow a different tier than VIP/CEO Work or MC Contracts. They have their own cooldown times (30 minutes, five between each new Job) that do not impact other Free Mode missions. You could launch a Client Job, then do a CEO/VIP mission, spawn your Terrorbyte, launch a Client Job, rinse and repeat. Also, launch these missions as a CEO/VIP to take advantage of the spawn Buzzard Attack Chopper (under CEO/VIP Vehicles). You can do most of these Jobs solo, but Paige Harris will constantly tell you about how having a crew will make everything easier. Ha!

  • Robbery In Progress: One of the six Flecca Banks around the map are being robbed. Once you find it using the security cameras head there. One of the robbers will be a Juggernaut, be ready for that. Once you deliver the Gold to the drop-off you will get $31,500.
  • Data Sweep: Fly above each of the four targets and use the Securoserv app in your phone to hack them from above (obviously to avoid gunfire). Once you find which of them have the Data Drives, deliver them to the drop-off to get $32,000.

(Drone Station required for these next two missions. Also launch them while in the Los Santos city limits, to cut down on drive time.)

  • Targeted Data: Drive the Terrorbyte to the LifeInvader offices and use a Drone to hack the two laptops. You can use the Shock feature to knock out the security guards, there won't be an alarm if you do. However, there is this weird glitch, with the second laptop, where the game will exit out of the Drone before you can hack the laptop. Just keep launching Drones, works on the third one IF it happens. Go blow up the Target to get $30,000.
  • Diamond Shopping: Drive the Terrorbyte to the diamond store (the one in the first Story Mode Heist) and use a Drone to Shock the alarm panel (which doesn't make sense since the alarm will sound anyway once you grad the Diamonds, but whatever . . .). Shoot your way into the store, get the Diamonds, call Lester, deliver them to the drop-off to get $31,000.

(You'll need one other Associate/Prospect in your Organization/Motorcycle Club to do these next two.)

  • Collector's Pieces: Press right on the D-pad to ping the location of the three Security Vans. Use Sticky Bombs to blow open the doors. Relax you can collect all three Antiques if you need to, or two of them if the random you hire isn't a slouch. You get between $9,00-$12,000 when you beat this one.
  • Deal Breaker: Drive the Terrorbyte to the yellow question mark on the map. You can use the Player Scanner, while driving, to locate the deal. Once you do shoot all of the guys, take the Case, and deliver it to receive $12,000–$14,500.

Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Fold Them, and Try Not to Get Blown Away

The Diamond Resort and Casino update opens the long-awaited Casino into GTA Online but not Story Mode . . . Despite it being simulated gambling, there IS a way to make money from it in certain aspects. However, please note that this is a video game and should not be taken seriously. In my opinion, gambling should not be taken seriously in general, so none of the things you are about to read should be applied to an actual casino.

The new currency added to the game is Casino Chips (CC) which can be acquired in one of two ways. Firstly there are two ways of accessing the Casino; Standard Membership and VIP Membership. The difference between the two depends on whether you buy a Penthouse. You're free to gamble with a Standard Membership, but you won't be able to access the new missions, enter the VIP areas, play the High Limit Tables, and can only convert $20,000 into CC once every game day (48 minutes real-time). Buying the Penthouse will give you an automatic VIP Membership unlocking all of the above, and allow you to convert $50,000 into CC once every game day.

There are three options to buying a Penthouse, some more expensive than others, but they all result in the same layout depending on how you renovate it. I'm going to try to save you some money by which add-ons to avoid, but I suppose everything is a matter of taste.

  • Master Bedroom: Like the CEO Offices this will make the Penthouse a spawn point for when you enter a Freeroam lobby. It's pretty much like a standard apartment.
  • Spare Bedroom: A place for your friend or visitor to sleep, that will add a laugh for five minutes before you realize you've paid extra money. Not guaranteed to keep thirsty random players away if you're playing as a female character.
  • Office: Just adds a standard computer. Rockstar lost an opportunity to give us a way to consolidate both our CEO and Biker Businesses here.
  • Garage: A self-explanatory place for ten more vehicle slots.
  • Lounge Area: The quintessential living room spot, with mini bar, that every rich schmuck requires.
  • Media Room: Advertised as a way to watch an exclusive movie, instead we have a home theater that plays only TWO of the THREE movies you can find at Movie Theaters in the game. Collectively let's all ask what the hell happened here.
  • Private Dealer: Too lazy to go down to the main Casino? Play Blackjack and Three-Card Poker from this room. Or you can do like me and watch the griefers kill each other down below! It's almost worth it for that. . .
  • Bar and Party Hub: Adds the exact same bar from the main Casino floor. Which if you think about it is also the same as the bar from the Nightclub, but without the Popularity restrictions on what drinks you can order. This attachment also adds two exclusive arcade games; Invade and Persuade II and Street Crime: Gang Wars Edition. Street Crimes requires a second player and isn't that great, to be honest, even though the opening cut scene is nostalgic. For those of you who are fans of Metal Slug, you will love Invade and Persuade! Hint: Use the Konami code.
  • Spa: Just adds a private hot tub, but also gives you your own personal Barber. Instead of paying for Hair and Makeup you can get them for free here. Not really worth the money.

The "i" icon on the mini-map is your Concierge telephone. You can use it to convert Cash into CC, order champagne, or fast travel to specific areas of the map.

How to Avoid Dying:

By fast traveling, you can avoid the epic carnage just outside the Casino entrance. Yes, it's great that Rockstar has added an interior that the whole session can explore without killing each other, but it's also become a nest for griefers just outside. Want to make your way back into the Casino after doing your Freeroam tasks? Head for the Garage icon on the minimap, to the right of the Casino Entrance (See first screenshot below.) As long as you're not driving a Pegasus, CEO, Personal Aircraft, or Arena vehicle you will be transported into the Parking Garage (or your Penthouse Garage if you have one). Then again if you were using an Aircraft you could just parachute onto the Roof Terrace or land on the helipad. Don't hang out into the hot tubs for too long, they're not missile proof. . .

Making Chips:

As I said above there are a few ways to make CC. Converting Cash every in-game day or by gambling. One guaranteed way is by calling Ms. Baker on the in-game cell phone and requesting Casino Work. These missions are similar to Nightclub missions that English Dave can contact you about, while you're in Freeroam. You can either decline/accept, or you can call Ms. Baker and Request these missions directly. They're mostly simple missions, but they don't pay much. They will, however, give you both Cash and CC upon completion. They do have a better mission structure than most CEO Work and Biker Contracts. Variety never hurts you know . . .

Then, of course, there are the Casino games, which as I noted above should not be taken seriously. I think Bob Segar said it best with the lyrics "a gambler's loss is the only one you can forsake"; which loosely translated for you modern dubstep kids is "expect to lose whatever money you bet, but if you win that's alright." With that said there's really no guaranteed strategy for some of these games, but for the sake of being on topic, I'm going to try my best to help you.

  • Lucky Wheel: Once every day (that's once every REAL-TIME 24-hour day, not 48 minutes) you can spin the wheel to get; whatever vehicle is displayed on the spinning podium, a discount, RP, Cash, CC, a Clothing Item, or a Mystery Prize. By the way, if you land on the Free Vehicle again, before it's changed, you will get 20,000RP.
  • Inside Track: There are two types of horse races you can bet on; the Main Event and Single Event. The Main Event happens every five real-time minutes and has high stakes betting. The Single Event can be played at any time and will only cost you 10,000 CC, though you will only get 20,000 CC if the horse wins. My guaranteed strategy is to bet on a horse that has Even odds doing the Single Event race. You're almost always guaranteed to make a profit that way. You COULD also bet on the Main Event but that's more of a risk, just like the real thing . . .
  • Blackjack: You can thank II Entity Xf II for the chart in the second screenshot below. It's not a perfect way to "beat the house" in-game but you'll win 60% of the time. It probably goes without saying, but don't try going to an actual casino and staring at your smartphone while trying to play Blackjack. Cattle prods aren't pleasant . . . Actually, don't do it too long in GTA Online either, you only get 30 seconds to make a decision. Make sure to look at the Dealer's card as well as your own before you decide. Check the chart below you'll see what I mean.
  • Roulette: I wish I could be more helpful for you, I'm sure there's a strategy for this one, but in my opinion, it's a 50/50 kind of game. I place a max bet on black and hope for the best. Maybe you prefer doing that with red? Maybe you are a math genius? Just keep in mind the odds run on computer algorithm? I probably should have mentioned that above before you tried counting virtual cards at the Blackjack table . . .
  • Three-Card Poker: This isn't the Texas Hold 'Em type poker you're probably used to in other games. It has some of the same rules but moves along faster. In order to play you technically have to bet twice, but your cards are not always worth playing. You have the option to fold if you don't like the hand, but unlike Texas Hold 'Em the objective here is to have more "points" than the Dealer's hand. I know I probably sound like a novice by describing it like that, but it helps me understand the game. For example, if you have a 10, 7, and 8 you might want to consider folding. If you have cards of the same suit (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds) or a pair play it! This game is kind of tricky. Then there's the Ante Bet which I never take because it requires more CC . . . I honestly avoid this game in favor of Blackjack. So I honestly can't help you, sorry.
  • Slot Machines: There's a reason these are called "one-armed bandits," and there's a reason I mention these last. They're mainly a cute little CC waster but you do have a chance of hitting the jackpot. I suggest playing Diamond Miner since you have a chance of getting 2.5 million CC if you hit the jackpot on that one. These games get ultra repetitive quickly, so have something to do in real-life to pass the time if you're looking to embrace your inner Atlantic City retiree. Otherwise, I think you have better ways to try and make money in the Casino.
How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (42)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (43)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (44)

To avoid the carnage at the front entrance, drive to this roll-up door to enter the Casino Garage. If you own a Penthouse you can opt to enter your Penthouse Garage from here.

1 / 2

Get on the 80s Retro Wagon While It's Still Hip

In order to take part in the new Diamond Casino Heist update, you're going to need to buy an Arcade from the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Similar to Facilities Arcades act as your base of operations for setting up Casino Heists, but like Nightclubs also have passive income. Each day you can make a maximum of $5,000 for a total of $100,000. Like Nightclubs the money will accumulate in an office safe. The amount of income you make is based on the number of arcade machines you have out on the floor.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on machines, but you need to have every slot filled with one. To do this go into your User Interface and select “Arcade Management," then select “Arcade Machines," and you’ll be able to place machines in the 35 slots available. It doesn’t have to be a huge variety, God knows you won’t go back to some of these games, but you’ll buy them for the hilarity of it. Regardless FILL EVERY SLOT. You will get $5,000 added to your safe every in-game day (48 minutes real-time). Similar to a Nightclub this income will generate a large sum over time. However, unlike Nightclubs, you won’t get raided and there’s no need to boost Popularity through repetitive side missions.

Apart from a place to set-up and launch Casino Heists, you can also add on:

  • Garage: For $215,000 you will get 10 more spaces for vehicles.
  • Personal Quarters: A $150,000 spawn point option.
  • High Score Screens: I think you already know you can skip this one . . .
  • Master Control Terminal (available through the Pixel Emporium laptop): If you’re heavily invested in Biker Businesses and Cargo the Master Control Terminal is paramount. With it, you can access any of your free-roam money makers as if you’re visiting the actual property. Including both resupply AND sell missions. Though you won't get magically teleported to the property for Sell Mission. Some traveling is still required unless you have a loyal crew.
  • Drone Station (available through the Pixel Emporium laptop): If you have extra money these are just the same drones from the Terrorbyte but can be flown ANYWHERE around the map.
How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (45)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (46)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (47)

*Criminal empire overseeing intensifies*

1 / 2

"Hey what's that blue dot on the minimap?"

With the Diamond Casino Heist update, and subsequently ever update since, you may have noticed some random blue dots appearing on your minimap. For the Casino Heist you will spot one, at night, in the area of Sandy Shores. This is a police van transporting Patrick McReary. A gunman you can hire for the Casino Heist. Rescuing him (and losing your wanted level) will make him loyal to your cause every time you wish to rob the casino.

In addition to this little game play tidbit brought over from story mode you can also find random drug cars. Similar to the now defunct drug cars random event Gerald use to give players before the Free Roam Events update a few years ago. This time finding one of these cars, guarded by a couple of bangers, will net you $10k if you deliver it to the drop off point.

Los Santos Summer Special:

A new set of collectibles courtesy of Solomon Richards. To start this new treasure hunt go to his office at Vinewood Studios (the big yellow S on the map). Three of the props that were stolen will appear as these "random blue dots". One is up in Palleto Bay, one can be spotted cruising around east Los Santos, and the third can be found around the Kortz and Epsilon buildings (west Los Santos). Collecting each of these props will net you $10k a piece. Seven of which can be returned to his office at any time. The vehicle encounters however must be turned in one at a time of course.

Cayo Perico Heist:

You will see a random blue dot near various bars and Nightclubs around the map. The location and time is randomized. The blue dot will be one of El Rubio's drunken guards laying on the ground. Press the action button to search him for a Small Key. Once on the Heist on Cayo Perico, and enter El Rubio's office, use the Small Key to get the El Rubio Pistol from his desk. The gun will later be purchasable from Ammunation.(Note: If you have already grabbed the Small Key you will still come across the sleeping guard. Looting him each time will net you $7,007.)

Los Santos Tuners:

Once you purchase an Auto Shop, and play a couple Contracts, you will unlock the Exotic Exports List. Unfortunately it does not work like it did in GTA San Andreas. It is also a recycling of Simeon's old High Priority Vehicle (yeah remember those back in the day?) After you unlock the list blue dots will represent one of the vehicles on the list. However if you have Air Freight turned off they will not pop up for some reason. Open the User Menu, go to Hide Options, Other, and switch "Air Freight" to "Show". You will then see blue dots popping up in specific areas (mostly Los Santos as usual), jack the car and deliver it to the golden anchor icon on the map for $20,000. If you somehow manage to deliver all of them you will get a $100,000 bonus. The list will change daily, real time, so you have 24 hours to collect them all.

Criminal Enterprises:

While inside your Nightclub, and if it has enough people from a high Popularity, Marcel will text you about a troublesome guest. Go to the blue dot in your NIghtclub and press Right on the D-pad to remove the guest. Some times they will appear as a blue ally icon, this will indicate a mission where you will have to drive the VIP home/to the hospital.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (48)

Walkthrough for Collecting Solomon Props

We Finally have a "Naval DLC" (to an extent)

With the Cayo Perico Heist update we can all finally do what GTA Online was always about. Being a crazy sea dog and seeking out submerged treasure. No really we can do that now, and there’s also a new Heist and Nightclub thrown in.

To take part in the new Heist you need to purchase the latest paywall; The Kosatka submarine. Like the M.O.C., Avenger, and Terrobyte before it, the Kosatka can be requested under the “Services” section of the User Interface.

  • Sonar Station: If you plan on buying the Pegassi Toreador (and I highly recommend it) do not bother spending $1,200,000 on this feature. By pressing in on the Right Stick/R3 you can activate sonar that will mark ten underwater caches on the map (with each ping as long as the Sonar’s active). Each cache rewards $7,500, up to a total of $75,000. The best part about these caches is that they respawn every real-world day.
  • Guided Missiles: These babies make some of the Heist preps go smoothly. They are also a great, and cheaper way, to rain down hell on anyone trying to grief you. Each missile has a one minute cooldown period, but you can switch seats to keep the volley firing.
  • Weapon Workshop: Just encase you don't own an M.O.C. (Bunker), Avenger (Facility), Terrorbyte (Nightclub), or an Arcade you have another chance to turn some of your weapons into Mk II variants with this. If you already own the above then you can save $350,000.
  • Moonpool Vehicles: In addition to being able to store the much faster Toreador you can also buy a Sparrow and a submersible. Unless you like to role play as Steve Zissou just skip the submersible and buy the Sparrow. Sure it can't land on water like the other one, but it's perfect for Heist preps.

There are also Treasure Chests that can be picked up during the Gather Intel mission. These chests are in random areas around Cayo Perico. They look like they’re worth a couple million in pirate gold, but will just give $15,000 per chest. Yeah let that process for a second . . .

You will need the Kosatka in order to take part in the island Heist on Cayo Perico. The first actual solo Heist added to GTA Online. Finally gone are the days of randoms screwing up a solid plan, or having to wait for the lobby to populate, or having to herd cats once everyone finally hits “Ready”. For me it’s a dream come true, but in execution it can start off like a nightmare. The Gather Intel mission on the island feels like waxing sensitive areas with sandpaper, but it’s the one element of reconnaissance we have. Without the right prep the Heist itself can make Doomsday Act 3 seem like Series A Funding’s finale in comparison (yeah you O.G. Online players know what I’m saying). However the payoff is worth it.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (49)
How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (50)

Tuning Los Santos, because family . . .

The Los Santos Tuners update adds a, long requested, car meet social safe space where you and your friends can meet up, without the worry of an orbital cannon blast. The update adds new cars, race types, and at least one new unique vehicle modification that turns your driving experience into an ice skating simulator. Just encase anyone ever wondered what that was like . . . Like Arena Wars the LS Car Meet comes with it's own rank up system. Every ten ranks you unlock a trade price for one of the new cars, as well as modifications, clothes, and other features with other ranks. You will earn $5,000 for each rank up to 100, and $10,000 for each rank after that. Now just good luck ranking up . . . The best addition with this update comes a new property to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures; Auto Shops.

  • Personal Quarters: The usual paywall spawn point option, this time costing $340,000. What a steal!
  • Car Lift: The Auto Shop, by default, comes with one of these already. A second one may or may not be worth it to you. If you have the money to burn go for it, but keep in mind it's $650,000.
  • Staff: You won't make as much of a profit, but hiring these two employees will help you make some passive income on the side. Mathematically unsure of when you can say "it will pay for itself" but I am sure it will at some point. Definitely makes it more convenient if you are in the process of "spinning other plates" within your criminal empire. OR you don't wish to risk someone blowing up your car in a hostile session.

The Legitimate Business:

One of the new money making methods with Auto Shops is following its namesake. Customers will drop off their cars and give a list of modifications they wish to have. This is similar to the Vehicle Warehouse’s Import/Export except with a specific list of demands (and without waiting three minutes for your buddy to finish tricking out the car they are about to sell anyway). You then pay anywhere from $20,000-$50,000 to confirm the modifications are complete. From there you can either deliver the vehicle yourself or give it to your staff member(s). Delivering the car yourself plays out just like a Vehicle Cargo sale mission, but minus a bigger payout and the angry guys shooting at you. Giving the vehicle to a staff member will still net you a profit, but only of $7,000-$10,000. I recommend using both methods depending on the mood of the session. Even with delivering through staff, it’s a decent bit of passive income. Plus you can avoid having to deliver a vehicle all the way up to Palleto Bay . . .

The “Mini Heists”:

A popular term for the new Contract missions since they do play out exactly like a Heist would. There are two setup missions, then the main job, and yes they can all be mercifully played solo. You make about $10,000 for each Planning Mission and about 157k-172k for each Contract “finale”. Including the cuts for . . . Shaniqua and KJ? Not really paying attention to the new annoying people added, but anyway their characters get a cut of course.

Exotic Exports Board:

A throwback to GTA San Andreas (kind of) your Auto Shop comes with a list of cars that can be found while driving around Los Santos. (Note: Most of the spawn points are within the Los Santos city limits, while there are chances of finding them in Blaine County.) Like other random encounter blue dots you are better off hunting these down in an Invite Only session. Each car you deliver to the docks nets you $20,000. Completing the whole ten car list, within a realtime 24 hour day, will get you a bonus $100,000 payout. Keep in mind that sometimes other cars spawn on the map while delivering another. Don’t panic! They will remain on the map until you deliver whatever export vehicle you are in. Just put a waypoint, or marker, on that blue dot. Thankfully there is no time limit for these deliveries.

Note: As of The Contract update you will get LS Car Meet rep for delivering vehicles (either Dock Exports or Auto Shop customer cars) and for the "Mini Heists" and their setups. It's about an update too late for those of us who grinded to get that awesome flame livery for their Dominator GTT, but it's great news for you new players.

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (51)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (52)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (53)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (54)

How to Make Money in "Grand Theft Auto Online" (55)

The locations of all Payphone Hits. As you're traveling around these areas be on the lookout for a square blue phone icon. You can also call Franklin and request a Payphone Hit to make one appear.

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Old Friends, New Opportunities

With The Contract update we get to take on the world of being a high profile fixer. So kind of like Ray Donovan but instead of a drawer full of watches and a dysfunctional family life, we get new money making opportunities and quality of life improvements.

The Agency:

Going into business with Franklin Clinton will cost a little over $4,000,000 so be prepared, but it's worth it. No that figure does not include the new weapons and vehicles added. There are four Agencies to choose from in the Dynasty 8 Executive website. We haven't used that one in a few years . . . Unlike other properties it's not really about location as much as it's a preference of view. Prices vary based on location, and as usual it comes with some optional additions.

  • Armory: For $720,000 you can have a one-stop-shop that combines a Mk2 workbench with your own personal Ammunation. Ammo, Armor, modifications, Rebreathers, and Night Vision Goggles can be purchased here at a discount. If you wish to purchase the new EMP Grenade Launcher and Stun Gun you will need an Armory. (Note: The new Heavy Rifle can be purchased at Ammunation regardless of whether you have an Agency.)
  • Accommodation: A $275,000 spawn point, you know what it is. Considering the loading times for Agencies are ridiculous (at least as of 12/20/21) you're probably better off loading into GTA Online elsewhere.
  • Vehicle Workshop: You will need this if you wish to upgrade the update's new vehicles with some anti-griefing capabilities. Just keep in mind two things; homing missile jammers cost $400,000 and they can only be added to the new cars from this update. Perhaps in future updates that might not be the case, but for now I'll leave it up to you whether this is worth the extra $800,000.

(Note: The new EMP Grenade Launcher is kind of a niche weapon but it's useful for any missions where you need to stop a moving vehicle in order to steal it. An easier alternative of chasing down and shooting the driver.)

Security Contracts:

From your office computer, or by calling Franklin, you can launch Security Contracts. These are little Free Roam missions similar to VIP/CEO Work, Clubhouse Contracts, Casino Work, etc. where you pull off a mission and get paid for it (all while probably dodging K/D warriors). They come in six types and the payouts range between $28k-70k (at least in my experience). Security Contracts come in three difficulties; Professional, Specialist, and Specialist+ and of course the difficulty determines the payout.

  • Asset Protection - Essentially a mini Survival Mode where you must protect marked items from attacking enemies for 10 minutes.
  • Gang Termination - Go to the location and kill all of the enemies. Bring something you can fly and lock onto enemies with.
  • Liquidize Assets - Annoyingly follow the target to their hideout and blowup the marked items.
  • Recover Valuables - Shoot your way to a safe, find key/combo, and grab the stolen item.
  • Rescue Operation - Go to the location and rescue the client. Oh yeah and that involves shooting bad guys and escaping, I'm trying to be vague on purpose . . .
  • Vehicle Recovery - Go to the lockup, shoot the enemies, and drive out of there. Keep in mind more enemies show up after the "unlock the warehouse doors" prompt.

In addition to this each Security Contract completed adds $100 to your overall daily Agency Safe income. So you can generate a passive income like the Nightclub and Arcade but with the possibility of getting $50k daily after 500 Security Contracts are completed. The Agency Safe's maximum capacity is $250,000.

Payphone Hits:

Another form of Free Roam mission from Franklin are Payphone Hits. They can either be triggered randomly around the map or requested directly by calling him. They are undoubtedly the best paying Free Roam missions in the game, that is if everything goes right. They have a base pay of $15,000, but you will get a $70,000 bonus if you're able to assassinate the target using the requested method. The requested method varies but with a little patience you'll feel like Agent 47. Each Payphone hit has a 20 minute cooldown.

A note on the Story Missions:

I won't bore you with a long walkthrough on how to complete the Dr. Dre missions added with the update, but I will tell you that it takes a little time between them for Franklin to call you. There has been some lack of info online on how long that takes, and some players even report not getting calls. My advice is to be OUTSIDE in a Free Roam session for Franklin to call. For some reason if you hang out in an interior, that isn't your Agency, he won't call you with the next mission.

Each time you complete Dr. Dre's VIP Contract you will get $1,000,000 (plus the $10,000 you get for each mission). Just keep in mind, like with all other mission strains, there will be a cooldown between attempts. In this case you will have to wait 48 minutes (real time) before the mission strain is unlocked again.

Raking in the Dough

You don't need to be an expert hacker to make over $100,000 in GTA Online. With the information in this article, you can be raking in the dough with little stress and fewer crashes. This game has an ever-expanding community of players trying to hustle just like you, so get ahead of the curb by utilizing these simple (and fair) tips and tricks.

Questions & Answers

Question: How can you even pretend that grinding makes any sense in GTA Online? To get even one vehicle you need to grind for several weeks. I have a real job, I don’t have time for that. Buying €100 worth of shark cards won’t even be enough to buy a club, the operations vehicle, and one other DLC vehicle. How can a person with a regular job even access this content in GTA Online?

Answer: It isn’t meant as a “guide to buying everything ever”, because I’m not that kind of player. Yes, I have grinded before like during the Gunrunning Update, but after that, I realized it’s not worth doing. I was working six days a week at the time and ended up not getting very much sleep.

I have developed a kind of formula for myself, that I think works, but doesn’t make vast sums of money. like when you’re at work, “work smarter but not harder.” You shouldn’t spend DAYS playing the game, and if you’re new to the game I can imagine how daunting it must feel. Sell cars every 48 minutes, accept invites to a job and/or Heists. I have several articles about beating Contact Missions and Survivals solo without having to rely on random morons screwing up on you. This was how I started and it’s still a viable money making strategy today.

If you ignore every new vehicle that comes out (and seriously you should watch YouTube reviews of them before you do, you’ll save A LOT of money) you’ll have what you need to buy other properties. Like I said I also have a real job and this game can feel like manual labor if you get too involved in it. The way I structured this is for new players, it’s literally formatted in oldest to newest ways to make money (minus some that aren’t available anymore).

I take everything I write on Hubpages seriously, but in the case of this article I have to leave some things up to player discretion. I can’t speak for everyone’s personal play style. Also at no point do I condone or suggest buying Shark Cards, that defeats the whole purpose of playing the game in my opinion.

Question: Is this up to date? I tried to make a Bunker Gunrun sale of 150,000 and still came up with two vehicles. I did go for the city sale option that bumped it up to 250,0000 but it's still below your listed one vehicle amount. Sucks cause I was only able to deliver 2/10

Answer: It's about as up to date as I can keep it, but there's always the chance Rockstar could adjust something in future. I'll look into this and make the proper adjustments. I don't suggest doing Bunker missions solo, you should always have at least one other person with you (two would be better).

Question: My nightclub only has two slots for South American imports, do you know how I increase them to 10?

Answer: You can either wait two hours per unit to be produced (in your case that would be 16 hours of playtime), or you can do resupplies for your Cocaine Factory to speed up the process.

Please keep in mind that there is a glitch with Nightclub technicians. It will feel like your goods are never being accumulated sometimes because the techs get “stuck.” You need to switch your techs around, to different types of goods, to fix this.

© 2014 Eric Seidel

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