Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (2023)

Open Source Document Management Software is necessary for any enterprise or organization to manage all the documents in an efficient manner. If you are a startup or small and medium business and not want to spend the money on paid Document Mangement solution then you can go for an Open-source. There are some well known enterprise-grade Document management systems software available those are not only free but also a reliable and scalable Document management system. But things those come free at no cost also have some disadvantage. There are some features that you can only find in the paid one and especially the support. Another useful article:List of Open Source Mail servers

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Best Opensource Document Management systems

What isDocument Management Software?

Document Management Software is meant to manage and organize the digital copy of all documents generated by a company. The large organizations generate lots of e-documents on a daily basis and it bit difficult to manage them manually. The DMS software comes with an intuitive interface to track, store and manage files in a hassle-free manner. The electronic documentmanagement software helps to get rid of storing the documents physically and saves storage space. Also, they support all types of File Formats that is the other reason why companies using them.

Openkm Enterprise

OpenKM is an electronic document management system and record management system EDRMS ( DMS, RMS, CMS ). The OpenKM is based on open technology like Java, Tomcat, GWT,Lucene, Hibernate, Spring and jBPM. The OpenKM works well with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari as it based on Web 2.0. It supports all major DBMS databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.

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It allows users to set different rules and logic to automate the documentation process. For example, you can set a rule, document move to a new destination, change security, applying document transformations (converting to PDF with group4 compression) among others. This document management system has OpenKM plug-in architecture that makes it so easily extensible.

The OpenKM DMS can handle all common files types such as text, Office, Office 2007, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML, XML, MP3, JPEG, etc.It is one of the best opensource document management system.

There are two versions of OpenKM one is Open source community version and other is a professional edition.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (1)

Openkm DMS software Features

  • Web-based Open Document Management System, Automatic key extraction,OCR integration, Antivirus integration
  • Thesaurus, categories, keyword cloud and metadata navigator
  • Microsoft Office AddIns, OpenOffice Add-On, AutoCAD preview
  • Watermark ( text – image ) and Digital signature
  • Generate new documents with a wizard using predefined templates and forms
  • Cryptography to encrypt and decrypt documents
  • WebDAV andProgrammable automatic cataloguing
  • Workflow ( jBPM )
  • Mobile interface ( iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. ) andGoogle Apps Synchronization
  • Webservices API and Extensible frontend API
  • Integrated with LDAP and Active Directory
  • OpenMeetings integration
  • HTML Editor, Forum, and Wiki
  • Zoho integration
  • Joomla explorer component
  • Expiration of documents
  • Dropbox integration


LogicalDOC is another Open source Document management system (DMS) software available in both Community Edition and Professional editions. The Open source LogicalDOC is distributed under the GNU license and source code is available for the entire community, it means anyone can modify, redistribute and free to use it. The downside of its community edition is no client sync a local directory with the repository.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (2)


(Video) How to Install SeedDMS Document Management System Open Source

  • Multilingual and Desktop Web Interface
  • Multilingual Full-text Indexing
  • Tags, Metadata & Templates support
  • Version Control and Document Searching
  • Bookmarking
  • Import from ZIP archives
  • Check-in & Check-out
  • Send as E-mail or Download
  • Ticket
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Integrated Contacts and Addressbook
  • Rating
  • Users and Groups
  • Security Policies on Menus and Folders
  • Document Password Protection
  • Task Manager and Events Log
  • Configurable run levels and aspects
  • Local File System
  • Basic Statistics and standard reports
  • HTTP & HTTPS protocols
  • Web Services (SOAP & RESTful)
  • WebDAV and CMIS
  • WordPress andJoomla explorer
  • Dropbox integration

VIENNA Advantage

VIENNA Advantage is an enterprise-level document management system tightly integrated with ERP and CRM. It can install either on your own private cloud to create a cloud-based document management system or on the Enterprise Cloud offered by VIENNA Advantage. It also covers Sales Force Automation, Order Management, Materials Management, HR, Payroll, Workflow Management and much more. It is written in C#.Net with an HTML5 UI. This project is divided into two parts one is the Application Development Framework and second is Functional modules. The thing which needs to be noted that the core ERP of the VIENNA is free but DMS is supplementary and user have to shell out some money to add DMS. Because of the features and knowledge purpose, it is here.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (3)

VIENNA Advantage DMS Features

  • Document Input. Indexing, Search and Processing
  • Inbuilt Word Processor
  • Deploy on-premises or on cloud
  • Multi-Lingualand Tenants
  • Scanner, Email, Manual Upload and Bulk Upload
  • Automated Process for Mass Uploading
  • Mobile Applications and Web Services
  • Indexing of all documents,Meta Data, and revisions
  • Custom Automatic Document Numbering
  • OCR in 27 languages
  • Workflow and Document Inbox
  • Alerts and Notifications, and Reporting Dashboard
  • Inbuilt Calendar, Email, SMS, Follow-ups, and Chat
  • Safe and Powerful search
  • Document content and metadata search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
  • Scalable Document Search Engine
  • Audit Trail
  • Integrated with ERP and CRM
  • User and Roles
  • Advanced Access rights
  • Encrypted Documents on the file system
  • Supports SSL
  • Modify Ownership

SeeddmsEnterprise DMS

SeedDMS is an Opensource PHP based DMS that supports MySQL or sqlite3 as the database. It is an enterprise-ready DMS platform for sharing and storing documents. It was known as LetoDMS. The Seeddms also supports mobile interface and can use on Smartphone in a much efficient manner due to bootstrap and optimized UI.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (4)

Seeddms PHP DMS features:

  • Preview images for attachments
  • Support metadata like the author, keywords, a description, and arbitrary attributes.
  • Common file types like PDF, MS Word, MS Excel can be indexed for full-text search.
  • Multi-level content directory for supporting more than 32000 documents
  • Workflow for document review and approval
  • Password forgotten function
  • Fully web-based UI
  • Versions control
  • Users and groups management
  • External authentication
  • Fine-grained notification upon changes
  • workflow for document review and approval
  • Access control lists
  • Full-text search
  • WebDAV access
  • Multi-language support

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The Alfresco is another good but complex open-source DMS that is designed for enterprises. The company provides the software to enterprises with a content repository, image management, web content management, document management and more. The Alfresco open-source DMS is easy to deploy but the community edition will not get any direct support from the Alfresco.

The Alfresco community edition runs on the variety of operating system because it deployed as a Java web application But the common operating used to install the Alfresco are Ubuntu and SUSE. It supports 64bit systems, runs on Apache Tomcat and JDK 8, and supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (5)

Alfresco community editionFeatures

  • Robust content repository
  • Productive team collaboration web interface
  • One can access Alfresco as a network drive natively within Windows or Mac
  • Productivity app integration such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Add-ons support to download and install extensions maintain by the community to extend the DMS capabilities.
  • Customization — create custom content models and bespoke workflows
  • Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs)
  • Source code publicly available

Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management

Nuxeo is an Open source Knowledge and Document management system. You can download it free in the multiple formats such as Windows .exe package, VMware images, Virtual Box Images and Multi-platform packages. Once you have downloaded the platform you can use the 30-days free trial of Nuxeo online services for additional guidance and support. Nuxeo has a marketplace for a large section of ready to use plugins and packages to extend the functionality of your application.

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Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (6)

Nuxeo ECM Features

  • Rich meta-data
  • Support for all content types
  • native workflow
  • Support all common files types including rich content such as audio, video, and images
  • Elasticsearch
  • Storyboard creation
  • Automated renditions
  • Native content and process analytics
  • Integration with business and productivity apps such as Adobe Creative Suite, Office 365, Slack, Google Drive/Docs.


Casebox is an Apache web-based document management system and 100% open source. It is a customizable application and can extend overtime as contact management, project management, and human resource management.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (7)

It allows you to read any documents such WOrd, JPEG, PDF online without downloading them or using any other external application. As it is a web-based application, so there is no need for sync which increases security and privacy.

CaseboxWeb DMS Features

  • Preview your files
  • Unlimited version control
  • Metadata fields
  • Document Viewer
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Full-text search
  • Multiple tabs: allow to open and work on several documents simultaneously.
  • Undelete: Deleted files can restore from the Recycle bin
  • Version Control
  • Forms with conditional logic: Allow to build forms using conditional logic.
  • Repeatable fields: Can add same fields in the form more than once such as a person with multiple addresses
  • Personalized forms: Feature to create your own custom forms to capture various types of information.
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Two-factor authentication: SupportGoogle Authenticator and Yubikeys.
  • And more…

Feng Office

Feng is another well open-source document management system and project manager. It is not only a DMS platform but more than that, it comes with Task Management, Workspace Management, Time Tracking, Knowledge Management and other productivity features makes it one of the best open-source document management software.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (8)

Feng Office community edition Features:

  • Workspace Management
  • Documents
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Contact management
  • Timesheet
  • Basic reports and Tags
  • Task templates andWorkflow processes
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Wiki and Forum support

Maarch Courrier (DMS)

Maarch Courrier is a PHP based Document Management System that includes electronic mail processing, scan connectors, mailroom management, workflow, content management, version control, workflow, office templates, statistics, etc.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (9)


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  • Customizable metadata
  • Mail & RSS alerts and events notifications
  • MSOffice, OpenOffice, LibreOffice templates with online updating
  • Mail management workflow
  • Full OAIS archiving
  • Support Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2 database
  • Compatible with Smartphone
  • Signing documents


OpenDocMan is an open-source document management system written in PHP and can run inside of any PHP5- enabled web server such as Apache2. It supports MySQL 5 as database and can use on any type of operating system using the browser. It 100% web-based document management system and features an automatic installer and updater.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (10)

OpenSource DMS Features

  • Support almost every type of files
  • Metadata fields and categorization support
  • Revision history
  • File expiration
  • Create custom document properties to match your companies needs
  • Workflow
  • Automated document review and file expiration process
  • Search
  • Indexing
  • Security
  • Fine-grained user access control
  • Departmental access control for each file
  • Multiple Language Support

Mayan EDMS

Mayan EDMS is a Free Open Source Electronic Document Management System written in Python. It uses Django web application framework and provides an electronic vault or repository for electronic documents. It allows saving securely all documents fromfloods, fire, theft, sabotage, fungus or decomposition. It comes with advanced search and categorization capabilities.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (11)


Kimios is a lightweight document management software and can be an alternative to heavy ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management).
The Kimios provides direct Windows Desktop and Microsoft environmentintegration but under the commercial license. Kimios is based on a fully Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The Kimios works on the client-server model. All the supported third-party client’s such Web client,Kimios Explorer, Kimios for Office connected to Kimios central server that exposes the web service layer to covers all DMS features.

Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (12)

KimiosDocument Management Features:

  • Create / Update / Delete documents
  • Version control to restore the documents
  • Customize the repository using metadata
  • Connect third parties application to provide meta-values and index
  • Customizable search engine
  • Bookmarks documents
  • Create advanced search requests and bookmarks
  • Checkin / Checkout feature
  • User rights management
  • Standards authentications and security system
  • Informations system integration

Note: TheKimios last updated around 3 years ago…

Recently, I got a mail from a person looking for a simple document management system, he tried all above given DMS but he thought they all are complex but he needs something very basic and after a couple of days, he suggested us to add a simple File sharing software works for his NGO. So, I thought, I should have to mention it here…

FileRun document management system

The Filerun is a simple file-sharing software that comes with server and client architecture and totally free. It is not a complete and full-fledged document management system but it can be used for basic file and media management. It supports docs, pictures, and music. The server part can install onUbuntu, CentOS, Synology, and Docker. For the client, it has options for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

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Top 12 Free/Open source Document Management System Software 2021 (13)

To extend the compatibility and functions, it has plugins forGoogle Docs Editor,Zoho Editor, ONLYOFFICE, Google Docs Viewer, Office Web View, Pixlr, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk- Preview CAD files, CloudConvert to convert files from one format to another,Zamzar, Google Earth- Plott KML & KMZ files andBing Maps.
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  • 70 Best Opensource Software for Business
  • Able2Extract Professional Review. The simple yet powerful PDF suite for all
  • How to Convert scanned PDF to Word online
  • ABBYY FineReader 14 Review: Best OCR solution in the market


What is document management system open-source? ›

OpenDocMan is a free, web-based, open source document management system (DMS) written in PHP designed to comply with ISO 17025 and OIE standard for document management. It features web based access, fine grained control of access to files, and automated install and upgrades.

Which is a free web based document creation and storage service? ›

1. OpenDocMan. OpenDocMan is known for being one of the best open-source document management systems around. Not only is it free but it's also web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere rather than just your work computer.

How do I install OpenDocMan on Windows 10? ›

Installing OpenDocMan
  1. Log in to cPanel. ...
  2. Open Softaculous: ...
  3. In the Search text box, type opendocman and then press Enter. ...
  4. Click Install. ...
  5. In the Choose Domain list box, select the domain for installation, or accept the default value.

What are open-source documents? ›

Open source is source code that is made freely available for possible modification and redistribution. Products include permission to use the source code, design documents, or content of the product. The open-source model is a decentralized software development model that encourages open collaboration.

Is Google Drive a document management system? ›

Google Drive is a cloud-based program that allows you to create, edit, store, and share documents. Many businesses use it as a file management system; documents sit in the Cloud as well as synchronising with users' local versions of the system.

What is Document Management System PDF? ›

Document management system is a software used to capture, store, manage, and easily retrieve digital documents within an organization. It provides the needed functionalities for businesses to digitize documents and automate their business processes.

What is SeedDMS? ›

SeedDMS is a free document management system with an easy to use web based user interface for small and medium sized enterprises. It is based on PHP and MySQL or sqlite3 and runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

What is meant by document management system? ›

Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

What is file management service? ›

Though your computer operating system keeps data organized in a hierarchical file system (directories have files with subdirectories beneath them), your file management system allows you to organize how files and folders are named, how nested folders are arranged and how the files in the folders are handled by the user ...

How do I install Docman? ›

The Docman Network Drive
  1. Double-click the network drive to enter it, then go into the PCTI\Docman7\Programs\Client Install directory. ...
  2. This starts the install process. ...
  3. The client install window appears shortly afterwards. ...
  4. The next screen prompts for your name and organisation. ...
  5. The install process now begins.

What are 3 examples of open source? ›

  • GNU/Linux.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • VLC media player.
  • SugarCRM.
  • GIMP.
  • VNC.
  • Apache web server.
  • LibreOffice.

What is the most popular open source software? ›

List of best open-source software
  • Shotcut. ...
  • LibreOffice. ...
  • Mozilla Thunderbird. ...
  • Mozilla Firefox. ...
  • VLC Media Player. ...
  • GIMP. ...
  • Linux. ...
  • WordPress. WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform in the world, used by more than 60 million people and organizations.

Is Google Docs an open source software? ›

Just to be clear, however: open source is not the same as free. For instance, Google applications like Google Mail and Google Docs may be free to anyone with a Gmail address, but they do not expose their source code to the public for open source development.

Does Microsoft have a document management system? ›

Does Microsoft have a Document Management System? Yes, it does. Microsoft Office 365 provides various software solutions including SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and OneDrive for document management.

What are the 3 types of filing systems? ›

Filing in Alphabetical order. Filing by Numbers/Numerical order. Filing by Places/Geographical order.

Is Dropbox a document management system? ›

Dropbox is an online software solution that manages electronic documents for both individuals and teams. It can serve as your document repository, but it can also simplify how you organize, find, and work with digital files.

What are the types of document management systems? ›

5 Types Of Document Management Systems
  • Content Management. Often referred to as web content management, this type of document management system focuses on creating, modifying, organising, and delivering content to users. ...
  • Workflow Management. ...
  • Record Management. ...
  • Document Imaging. ...
  • Enterprise Content Management.
18 Feb 2020

What makes a good document management system? ›

The best document management system should be easy to use; it should allow for document sharing; and it should have collaboration tools, mobile functionality, and version control. The first two features allow your team to work together on critical documents without needing to be in the same office.

Why do I need a document management system? ›

A DMS helps a company create, edit, and centrally store digital documents. In addition, a document management system classifies and secures those documents. It supports and facilitates collaboration, reduces bottlenecks, and increases workflow.

How do you use SeedDMS? ›

Running your own SeedDMS

You need to log in with your docker credentials. Once you are logged in hit the green 'Start' button which opens a new web page starting seeddms in a virtual environment completly accessible through your web browser and without installing any data on your local computer.

How do I configure SeedDMS? ›

Setting up SeedDMS via your browser

At the bottom of the page, select Create database tables and click Apply. If you see the following error after clicking Apply, then you have an SELinux policy block on your /var/www/html/data directory. Note: Do NOT disable SELinux.

What is an example of document management system? ›

PDF Readers are the best example of a Document Management System through which you can access the PDF file offline and store it to view and even print and publish it anytime at any place.

Is SharePoint a document management system? ›

SharePoint is a great document management tool, but it requires a lot of work to maintain, especially for large and growing companies. You can use it effectively for a while by setting up an intuitive site structure and maintaining clear, logical content governance guidelines, but that will only take you so far.

Who is responsible for document management? ›

A Document Controller is responsible for all documents in a business. Daily they will scan and upload paper documents and organize them on a secure server. They access specific files when requested by different departments as well as control the flow of documents in and out of the department.

What are the five examples of file management sites? ›

Top File Management & Storage Apps
  • Google Drive. Google Drive is Google's file sync app that lets you store all of your files online alongside your Google Docs documents, and keep them synced with all of your devices.
  • Dropbox. ...
  • OneDrive. ...
  • Amazon S3. ...
  • Box. ...
  • CloudConvert. ...
  • ConvertAPI. ...
  • Citrix ShareFile.

What are the 3 importance of file management? ›

The benefits of file management include: it helps keep everything organized, it makes sharing easier, it reduces the risk of losing important files, and it can provide a backup in case something goes wrong.

What is Docman NHS? ›

Docman is the UK market leader supporting the Transfer of Care Network between and within Healthcare organisations and providers. Our technology is responsible for maintaining detailed records and documents for over 40,000,000 patients and managing over 3,000,000 items of patient correspondence weekly.

Is a free web-based document creation and storage where you can create and share your work with others online? ›

Google Drive is a free service from Google that allows you to store files online and access them anywhere using the cloud. Google Drive also gives you access to free web-based applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

What is the best way to store documents online? ›

Dropbox is one of the most commonly used document storage platforms, and for good reason. You get up to 2GB of storage space for free, which is more than enough for most users who want to store their personal documents. You can even access Dropbox from a variety of devices including your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Where is the best place to store files online? ›

Our top picks for the best cloud storage services will appeal to a range of users, including small to large businesses.
  1. is our number one online backup and file sharing service. ...
  2. Egnyte Connect. ...
  3. Google Drive. ...
  4. Microsoft OneDrive. ...
  5. Dropbox.
25 May 2022

Where do I store my documents? ›

  1. Microsoft OneDrive. The best cloud document storage platform. Today's Best Deals. ...
  2. Google One. The best affordable cloud document storage. Today's Best Deals. ...
  3. Dropbox. Simplified cloud document storage. Today's Best Deals. ...
  4. Egnyte. The flexible cloud document storage platform. ...
  5. Adobe Document Cloud. For using PDF document archives.
8 May 2022

How good is TeraBox? ›

TeraBox is a storage solution only, so is best compared to companies like Google Drive, Box and Internxt (opens in new tab). Like Google Drive (opens in new tab), it's most likely that TeraBox users will access their files - whether that's to upload, download or view - using the browser portal.

Where can I store documents online for free? ›

Here are seven of the best free cloud storage services that you can use to keep your files online.
  • OneDrive. You get 5GB of free online storage with OneDrive. ...
  • Dropbox. It seems like everyone has a Dropbox account, but you only get 2GB for free. ...
  • Google Drive. ...
  • Sync. ...
  • pCloud. ...
  • Amazon Drive.
20 Jan 2022

Which cloud has the most free storage? ›

List of Top 15 Free Cloud Storage Available in 2022
  • Koofr. ...
  • Mimedia. ...
  • ...
  • Dropbox. ...
  • pCloud. ...
  • OneDrive. ...
  • iCloud. The Apple iCloud is the best free cloud storage for Apple users. ...
  • Amazon Drive ( Amazon Photos Storage) The legacy Amazon drive is now relaunched as Amazon photos storage.

What is the best way to store documents? ›

The most secure method of storing your important documents at home is in a home safe or lock box that is fireproof and flood-resistant.

Which is most reliable source of storage? ›

Explanation: Tape drives are most reliable source of storing information.

What is the best way to share documents? ›

  1. Google Drive. Many users are already familiar with Google Drive because they've used the platform's 15 GB of free storage and file-sharing space for backing up personal files. ...
  2. OneHub. ...
  3. Microsoft OneDrive. ...
  4. eFileCabinet. ...
  5. Dropbox Business. ...
  6. MASV. ...
  7. 7. Box. ...
  8. Wire.
30 Mar 2021

Where is it safe to store documents online? ›

DigiLocker - Online document storage facility.

How do I get 1TB cloud storage for free? ›

How to Get 1TB Free Cloud Storage
  1. CBackup (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  2. Degoo (100GB Free Cloud Storage)
  3. Mega (50GB Free Cloud Storage)
  4. Blomp (20GB Free Cloud Storage)
  5. Google Drive (15GB Free Cloud Storage)
  6. pCloud (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  7. IceDrive (10GB Free Cloud Storage)
  8. OneDrive (5GB Free Cloud Storage)

Where can I store documents securely? ›

Your best bet with storing important documents is a safe deposit box. Most banks or credit unions offer safe deposit boxes. Some banks will offer a discount if you're a current customer as well.

How do you best organize your computer files folders and documents? ›

Best Practices For Organizing Computer Files
  1. Skip the Desktop. Never ever store files on your Desktop. ...
  2. Skip Downloads. Don't let files sit in your Downloads folder. ...
  3. File things immediately. ...
  4. Sort everything once a week. ...
  5. Use descriptive names. ...
  6. Search is powerful. ...
  7. Don't use too many folders. ...
  8. Stick with it.
30 Nov 2018

How do I organize files and folders on my computer? ›

To sort files, open the folder containing all the files you'd like to organize, right-click within the folder, select Sort by, and then select how you want to sort the files: by name, date, type, size, or tags. Then it's easier to organize computer files from a certain time range.


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